Some thoughts about Thralls and Zombies

Should thralls get instant max level when they were first placed? Or maybe instant max level depends on its tier? Such as: tier1 instant lvl5, tier2 instant lvl10, tier3 instant lvl15, tier4 instant lvl20?

Should Zombies’ master receive corruption as the cost of having them around? I mean, you are a wicked sorcerer who link your soul with your zombie companions via your wicked sorcery power, this must have done some damage to your sanity. I’m thinking about. you receive a 10% additional max corruption cap per zombie or zombie mount that currently following you. So, if you got 1 zombie following you, your max corruption cap got changed from 50% to 60%. This change won’t affect you much unless you got 60 corruption points spent on your attributes.

If thralls came out the box level 20 it would be a bit overpowered on pvp. Assuming you are referring to pvp as do you really need a insta lvl 20 on pve?

Zombies still have to much health for how easy it is to get them.


No, I’m playing on a dedicated server singleplayer. But you are right, in pvp people may just horde tons of t4 thralls in their inventory and throw them out like grenade if they were instant lvl20.


I would agree that you should get uncleansing corruption for zombies just like corrupted stats. But it shouldn’t go beyond the 50%. However I’m not sure if its going to matter much after the nerf to the zombies since they would be temporary cannon fodder at that point.

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It would be nice however if the leveling speed was increased. There’s a balance between leveling a thrall for 2days and losing it in 5 minutes to another player. Personally I think it should be increased especially now that when left dormant (defending) they are much weaker.

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YES! For the love of all things holy yes. I get tired of how pathetic guards are.


Indeed. Or at least make defeating a t4 or 1/3 skull enemy to yield much more exp for my thrall followers. Or some consumable for me or my thrall to increase thralls’ exp gain.

Yeah actually what’s with that?! Why are the skulled bosses so much worse as far as XP gain/time than the grunt monsters. For instance the unnamed city…outside of farming for frags and loot, you are actually worse off trying to level thralls on the 3skulls vs just clearly out the skeletons and avoiding the 3 skull conflict because they take so much more time.

Beastmaster Teimos was good for two reasons. First he obviously was a tank when it came to hp. Second he was/is the fastest leveling thrall out there. This made him a go to and was imo a big reason for re working thralls. I believe even if he didn’t get all that hp and received the same as other thralls he would still be go to because of the speed. I haven’t tested him out lately as far as speed goes. now he’s just another npc that people will kill for a breathing mask now. It’s a shame I remember some very epic battles fighting over that spawn.

Yep. For defenders I stick with T3 thralls because they level fast. Just load the base up. Also when they die, I don’t get as bent out of shape over the loss of the rare goodie.

I’ve been doing a solo/sneaky tree base run on exiled lands and so far it’s filled with lvl 3s. I’m not very active at all so I just get on get one to lvl 10 and move on but even at lvl 0 they will do their job.

Thought he was no different than the rest t4.

I was kind of thinking, if all named thralls was unique in each server, what would it be like.

While the skeleton keys are not interesting, their exp is also not attractive. A year ago I still fight them a lot for the legendary loot, but now I too avoid them mostly.

Not even close. I could level a 2-3 Teimos in the same time as leveling 1 relic hunter. Spear din and hecor wave runner also level faster than most thralls and can come out with ok stats.

From experience of fighting over a spawn it does make for fun encounters

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This hasn’t been a thing in a while in my experience. It’s just weird that terrain wars have stopped.

Well, then you can just mod it if you’re on PC to the way you like it.

I mean ofc your suggestion is valid and all, I just don’t quite get the reasoning :smiley: Is it just like a pure RP observation or something? Because reading your thread I got the distinct impression as well that you have it out for zombies and you want to make them be “nerfed” while buffing human thralls.
So I was thinking here’s a person who doesn’t use zombies at all and instead uses thralls.

If you’re alone on your dedicated server, then you don’t really have to use zombies at all and can completely avoid them.

I vote against the suggestion. The thing with zombies is that their number is limited to max 3 at all times, UNLIKE normal thralls. And zombies also last only 24 hours before they crumple into dust. Yet they require breaking of thrall in the wheel of pain the normal way. I think because of these things, zombies deserve the instant level. (not even counting that they can’t use weapons or armor).

There doesn’t need to be changes.

I just checked, he still has the “Fast” leveling template, while RHTS have the slow one :slight_smile:
Here’s the difference between them, XP required per level:

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That isn’t accurate. While you can put broken thralls into the grave, you can also just drag unconscious NPCs into the grave directly. This is where zombies shine because they are so quick to get into action.

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I was just tired of training thralls, but you are right, I should look for a mod to make them lvl faster. Now this mod talk reminds me, that I think there was a setting in the game that could change the thrall xp gain modifier, I will go check that first next time I run the game xD

Instant max level for zombie is good to have. My problem is they don’t make me feel like an evil sorcerer. If leading a band of zombies could make me even more corrupt than the other nice fancy smooth-skin sorcerers, and the more corruption I possess, the more powerful my band of zombies are, that would sound most evil and badass.

Yes, you can just increase the XP gain for the individual activities in the server progression settings (the 3 sliders below player progression for harvest, craft, kill) as those affect thralls too, then you can just reduce the player progression to compensate if you want as that is specific to the player only.

That’s already a thing if you use corrupted Authority, once you unlock Frenzy, your followers will do more damage the more points you corrupt in Authority which requires a higher permanent corruption to maintain. (It’s recommended to corrupt 19 points in Authority so you get the most damage boost but without losing out on Well trained)