Somethings wrong

This is my first post here, usually i don’t post anything and just read all the stuff - but since a certain YouTuber said that it’s important that you guys at Funcom receive feedback, i’ve decided to do so.

First off, i like what you did Funcom - i bought your game and every single DLC that was released so far and i did this, to support you. I like the emotes, animations, weapons etc. i even rented a server for me and my buddies, hell… my wife also started to get interested in it.

So far, thumbs up!

And now… here’s the bad part.

Since the latest patch rolled out, i started to get fatal errors (never had those before), the game started to hung itself up for no reason and blackscreens also appeared. Like i said, all those things NEVER happened before. My PC is more than powerful and the only thing it can’t do is levitating, drivers up to date.

And now…some suggestions.

I know there are other important things that need to be adressed but maybe you guys at Funcom may consider it at a later time. If it’s possible, it would be more than nice to see weapons on our characters - why? because exploring feels like a walk in the park with no weapons visible unless you equip them. Improve the A.I for thralls and stay cool.



Could you please provide those errors and/or logs and/or device error/logs if possible. They should also be in your files iirc. You may also be able to share a screenshot or link of you’re not to new to the forums (non-guest permissions).

If you are able to, could you make a detailed description of everything and include it in a thread on the bug subforums?

I’ve only heard something along the lines of the event log not being location specific by default, which causes a flood of entries, but should not cause extensive performance issues, unless the whole thing’s running into a loop of some sorts. I don’t think this thread suggested it though. Would you be/know someone running into a similair issue?

@Skarin weapon carrying isn’t planned iirc, however improving (thrall) AI is one of the core features they’re (planning to be) improving on.
Please post suggestions on the suggestions subforum if you have any :smiley:

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