Soooooo as of this morning my tinkerers bench has no recipes

I think just yesterday I used it to craft some things. If I put an armorer in the tinkerers bench the only recipe that shows is the legendary armor patch kit. My legendary weapon patch kit no longer shows up when putting a blacksmith in the bench. I also have ZERO of the other recipes like damage mod, armor penetration mod, etc. None of that shows up. I’ve logged in and out, swapped thralls, etc. What gives?

My blacksmith benches/etc still seem to have all their recipes. Picking up and replacing the tinkerers bench did not solve the problem. I don’t think I’ve downloaded any updates since the last time I used the bench either.

I’ve noticed that the filters (upper right hand corner of the crafting windows) are now in use. Don’t remember all the names but ‘construction’ and ‘consumables’ are two of them.

This is how it works now, you need a durability blacksmith for the weapon kits and a durability armorer for the armor kits.

Check your crafting filters and make sure you have your required feats.

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