Sorcery a joke and so is this game now

Hello, my name is Lord Virus. Been playing Conan Exiles since day one. PC master race. I bought all dlcs for every console and PC.

I had high hopes for this game. Quit online mode when they drop a battle pass. Try sorcery in offline mode. Such a disappointment. We lost witch doctor for a worthless magic system. No permanent summons, no lichdom, no demonic magic and one necromancy thing. Not even a necromancy spell.

The battle pass is what was work on most. Well it feels that way. Once again devs you murdered solo players in Conan Exiles. Healing is a joke for solo players. Thralls are a joke to solo players now. Every buff to an enemy is a hit to solo players. Every nerf to something that isn’t an enemy is a hit to solo players.

Funcom all your battle pass items should have been dlc packs. Sorcery part 1- ??? cosmics dlcs. I hate the battle pass. Makes me think of Fortnite. I hate Fortnite. This game rated m for mature. Did Funcom forget that? You guys stole Fortnite what made it successful. We should call this game Conannite.

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Thank Mitra for that. If you want to play a D&D derivative, there’s a variety of other video games to scratch that itch. This is Hyborian Age.

Yeah, totally. No spells or rituals that summon demons of any kind. No effects from corrupting your body and soul that manifest demonic energy or summon demons, either.

If you say so.

Are you playing PVP? I doubt it, because you mentioned offline mode, but I thought I should ask, because that’s pretty much the only thing that could possibly explain these complaints. Well, not the only one. The alternative is that you don’t actually know how to heal or use thralls properly.


Forgive me if this seems rude, but I’m still so confused about people who claim they’ve played for 5 years, yet the release of the Battle Pass or Sorcery is what makes them quit. If you were playing before the BP and Sorcery were around, what is it that changed your entire game play or what you enjoyed about the game after? The addition of sorcery gave you more to do than before, so again, if you were playing before the BP, why quit now? Just purely upset with how they implemented sorcery? Unless of course you’re just bored and upset with the game, which is fine. We all get bored. Quit for a while and come back if you ever feel the desire. I’ve done that several times :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate a bit on your next point about devs murdering solo players in Conan? I’m a solo player on an Official PVE server and I’m not quite sure what you are talking about with thralls being a joke? I’ve also played since release and have seen many things change, but the game is currently as playable as ever for me and in the most balanced state I think it’s ever been (I can’t speak for others).

The Battle Pass hasn’t really changed the way I play much at all, asides from making me travel out of my little bubble more often than I usually do (mainly to kill boss creatures for the largest XP). I actually see that as a good thing, because sometimes I don’t have the motivation to just go do it, but it’s always fun once I get out there!

A DLC pack for any of the items in the bazaar at old prices would’ve been great, but they have moved away from that model. There are many other threads that discuss that.


Forgive me but what would you call petrified if not being undead with sorcerous capabilities and therefore…lich.

You know all about Necromancy, demonic summons and lichdom? The undead graves you have to build isn’t a spell. Spells you have to cast right? Can we both agreed that spells are cast? CodeMage do you solo online mode or use a team?

But raising undead is more than just a spell. It’s a ritual depending on the fantasy world you are looking at. Some are instant in casting but a majority of necromancy in fantasy lore with raising undead rituals take DAYS of preparation and work.

irrelevant to the conversation and only meant as a means of gatekeeping and or fuel for ad hominem .


Brian, is that you?


I hate battle passes. Battle passes locks cool looking outfits behind a big invest your time or spend a lot of money on them or you rush to get them. I like to enjoy the little moments in Conan Exiles. Buildings a tower base. Buying culture dlcs. Battle passes locks cool looking items forever once the battle pass season 1-??? Season.

Do you use team or are you solo?

Why are the undead not permanent?

Yeah, you got it in one Code - and (again) #clickbait leaps to mind like a startled gibbon :smiley:

You know of whether there’s a chart for the repeat queries like this one? I am sure someone has a chatrt of the most logged themes and variations thereof? Am just surprised L V didn’t also drop in a yubtub video link to boot.


Nothing to say about my post. Please keep on topic.

Keep on topic. I can’t understand you.

Oh, for… Did I just get BryanSkulled?

I’m too old for this… stuff.

Solo on online PVE-C.

Let me help you out a bit, Bryan: when one part of the text of a post is blue and hovering your mouse pointer above it changes it from an arrow to a pointing hand, that is what we call a link. You can click on it and it will display another page. When people put links into their posts, it’s because they want to provide more information.

If you click on the links I provided in my reply to you, each one will take you to an example proving that one of your original claims was wrong.

Not that this will change your mind, because you would rather create sock puppet accounts than listen to reason.



Wait…is this supposed to be some sort of bad thing? To replicate a very successful game? I’m confused. If the DLC way got the player numbers and revenue that Fortnite has, we wouldn’t need the change. Businesses have to change and it’s actually healthy when they do.

Both. Now what is the purpose of the question? I also PVP and PVE AAAAANNNND have experiences as a corrupted sorcerer in both. So please, by all means, try to nitpick my experience in this. The only thing I will say is that play in a PVP environment is fine but actual PVP is something you shouldn’t do as a corrupted sorcerer. You avoid the combat completely and I have had to make some quick escapes riding the bat because I saw a posse closing in on my location.

Because dead squishy things rot. They may add a more permanent skeleton type but they should be significantly weaker than the zombies.


I’m late to the conversation,

I am aware of the ChatGTwhatever, but the Brian reference is that a particular forum user or is this a pop culture reference?
I love @CodeMage’s response

I know it loses something when you have to explain it…
but who is Brian?!?!?

or are we just rearranging the letters for brain?

damnit Brian…

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It’s a particular forum user whose exploits* and sock puppet accounts have become part of the “forum lore”.

* In the literary sense. Not software exploits.


Thank you sir,

You are a scholar, a gentleman, and probably a smart dresser to boot.