Sorcery is amazing!

Finally also solo players can play pvp! The time when big clan terrorising small clan and solo players without any risk, is over!! Now also a small player can be BIG pain in ass. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for this new patch :raised_hands: Only complaint: I run like a caveman now and would really like my feminine sprinting back :grin:


What do you want from sorcery? Fireballs? Ice shards? Crazy heals?

A few other players farmed me up until now, so solos do influence the game.


First of all welcome to the forum!
I have to inform you that your place is respected but unfair a bit. I won’t say wrong, just unfair. The differences between solo gaming and clan gaming are a lot, each choice you make has pros and cons. But for God’s sake m8, solo gaming has way more effort than clan gaming, I’ve been in both and I know this pretty well. I don’t like the fact that one can defeat 10 but, if this one is so good, so be it! Sorcery spells has great pve aspect to be achieved by a “naked” player.
Other than that, please continue provide this feedback, it’s useful, but avoid insult others, this is useless. Thanks for joining, stay tuned!


The thing is, I don’t think the game is sustainable, atleast on pvp, with Lighting storm destroying literally everything in seconds, that took you weeks of playing and farming. This is not something to be glad about since this is the beginning of something that is going to eventually lead to masses of people quitting. There wont be any big clans playing because whats the point? We can’t have a base. And then the solos are gonna have no point either, farm a bit of stuff, hide it, repeat; there will be no clans to destroy. The game is self destructing at this point and i’m tired of people saying this is fine. Its not. Atleast at the moment. We need god bubble to protect from storm. We need storm damage reduced by A LOT, it cannot do more damage than 20 bombs exploding at the same time. We need storms to not go thru the mesh and destroy benches inside your base.

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I believe that’s wrong too, the storm should enter after the ceiling (foundations) are destroyed. Keep on provide feedback, thank you :+1:t6:.

LS doesn’t seem to do much damage to buildings that are on par with TOS. One of these days, we are not going to be able to stack foundations. It appears the LS targets large sections of foundations, especially on the roof. You get the thrill of multiple layers of foundations getting hit by LS.

It’s barbaric, and it balances out nicely.

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This is a joke right? Balanced isn’t making 90% of build spots obsolete.

Nope, but I guess it will have to play out for you.

Is it fair to a solo for large clans that stack anything they can to limit access to their T3? I mean a solo needs something more than a jug to raid, like any other clan with few players online.

You are talking as if the game should be balanced around solos. Then why did they even allow for clans to be max 10? Why not just complain so that they reduce clan member limits to 4 or 6? Whats the point of even having clans when you want them to do everything so you clan play solo?
I used to play solo and duo and we would just hide and strike those we could fight. And those we coulndt fight, like the “big clans” everybody hates we just bothered in some other ways. Now with LS, this is pointless, we can just farm 10 pouches and wipe them? HOW IS THAT FUN??

Anything can be considered broken mechanics. But once it’s in the game, it’s meant to be used. Maybe Funcom has plans to turn Conan’s PvP into something like Rust, where one day you dominate the server, the next day you’re a nobody in there. It’s clear that Funcom is making changes to the game to avoid sovereignty, encouraging a power shift between clans/players. It’s leaving behind old strategies to create new ones. It’s easier to build, and it’s easier to be destroyed. PvP is now for those who like constant, frantic action. I believe that huge bases will no longer exist in PvP. Players who want to have ornate bases, with stocked materials and rooms for each clan member, should now play PvE-C. Do I agree with this change? I do not.


Not forgotten is more of my feeling. A treb takes about 3 players to shoot like a machine gun, and a solo needs to hop around a bit more, so we can’t say that is balanced. It still is very effective. Does it take 3 players to create a LS? Hmmm.

Somebody already talked about that in another post, we would play PVE-C, but that gamemode is completely pointless when everybody hides inside their bases during pvp time. Pve-c should be 24/7 pvp with no structure damage.
And ur theory about funcom’s idea of the game could be true, except conan is more like Ark than Rust. Taming thralls takes hours. Farming weapons and good armors takes a lot of materials, you cant just expect your players to be happy with them losing everything they took so long to get taken away from them that easily. Hell, even in rust raiding is hard and bombs take a lot of time to break your structures

It is not supposed to be fair, you chose to play solo in a pvp enviroment, you put yourself at that disadvantage. You have to be more creative and skilled to overpower their numbers. Its always been like this, in every other survival game, and it won’t be a good for conan to change so you can play the game on ur own and dominate a server on ur own

Yes, I dominated a server once before as a solo. It was cheezy.

FC says they are not paying for a server to let one clan rule it. :smiley:

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I would agree with that, but its their fault for designing the game like this. They added gods, they made the good benches huge, they kept giving big clans all the tools to make them superior to smaller clans. And now they just decided you know what? Scrap all of that, lets just make everyone overpowered and let them grief everything they want. Last warning, stop defending and promoting this. Its not gonna be good for the game. Hope you enjoy while it lasts

A lot of “terrorizing solos and small clans”?

It’s fine! You know why? Because the part that you’re seemingly not realizing is that if the entire official PvP population of Conan Exiles all of a sudden quit… it would not even make a tiny dent in the playerbase… which is largely dominated by PvE / RP players. So… technically is IS fine…

However, despite that Funcom has been trying to cater to the PvP crowd as much as they could, often at the expense of those other groups and I’m pretty sure sooner or later you’ll see some balancing done in this regard too…

Not necessarily “balanced around” but like @donbzm pointed out it is probably not a bad thing that it’s a bit volatile and like the OP said the “little guy can strike back”… See the thing is PvP clans / players not exactly being civil has been an issue since 2017 early access… and throughout the years very little has been done about it to the point where most people “woke up” and just went to find private servers or other game modes where things are a bit less ‘cutthroat’.

So while the game has slavery in it that should be limited to NPC thralls, I was really not a fan of this mentality of “alpha clans ruling and dominating everybody on the server” which had its results since those types of clans ended up ruining the game and fun of countless people simply by not knowing when “enough is enough” and setting some boundaries for themselves. One thing was always consistent with Conan Exiles PvP… nobody ever attacked anyone they thought could present a challenge, only the ones that looked like “easy prey”.

As such, it’s nice to see some uncertainty added to the game where that “easy prey” can fight back, and maybe it’s slightly too strong and needs some adjustment, but at least it’s finally there.

Bottom line, things are finally changing! I still think though that PvP players should be asking Funcom to add a “reason” to PvP other than some weird self-gratification of having fun by messing up somebody elses fun. Like at least add a kill counter… some leaderboards per server… idk… something that actually documents that indeed you did some PvP or some form of rewards

Or it used to be more like Ark than Rust

That’s why I don’t agree with these changes

Again, im not against lightning storm being used as a raiding tool. What i am against is the current state and how it is damaging that specific gamemode. If the playerbase is predominant in a specific gamemode like the RP/PVE might aswell just delete the official PvP servers and just be done with these discussions.
If they wanted to make the game more volatile and less centered around bigger clans, this was not the way to do it. This is not “easy prey fighting back” this feels more like everybody has hacks now. All that matters is sacrificial blood and leather pouches. There’s no reason to craft DP, no reason to craft arrows. No reason to even loot. All you need is 4 materials and you can grief and terrorize an entire server naked. Thralls? They are pointless, you can destroy somebody’s base FROM THE OUTSIDE. How can you guys be okay with that?

Like I said, I think it will get nerfed and balanced, it’s just probably gonna take a while.
However you’ll also see that the hype will die down a bit, right now people are outraged since a “new thing” is destroying their stuff, just like they were outraged the first time a god marched on their base or the first time they saw what dragonpowder can do. They’re already adapting to bats and even to this by simply counter-casting darkness.
And the way you talk about measuring one’s “strength” in the form of leather pouches kinda reminds me of the status dragonpowder held till now. So it’s giving me the impression that the game is the same, it’s just one tool taking over another.

Yup @Mrs.Smith , I totally agree! Everything is excellent! And I’m absolutely gobsmacked playing full corruption! Really great! Purple sparks and flash lightning flying everywhere, awesome purple shockwaves, gusting purple super-hero plasma rushes, and interdimensional beings phasing into my reality to assist.

Really great stuff! And that’s not even using the sorcerer abilities… add the spell effects and affects and it’s like a totally different game. Excellent in PvP and very interesting in PvE too! So nice! @den and the @Community did a really good job balancing things!!!

The only sad part is now there are a bunch of people who dunno how to play it yet asking for nerfs or buffs or both. I just really really hope Funcom has the good sense to ignore them!!

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