Sorcery & PvP/Raiding

With the introduction of sorcery it brought a kinda cool mechanic, lightning, that at the time was super overpowered against structures. Now that’s nerfed into the ground, but I feel like there is a lot you can still do with sorcery that would benefit PvPers. Post lightning nerf, it doesn’t feel like sorcery is utilized for PvP all that much aside from bats, ice bridge, and some corruption perks possibly.

A couple suggestions I have:

  1. Hurl a fireball for raiding instead of laying a bomb. Make it cost 1 dragon powder, and make it half the cooldown between trebuchet shots so that 1 barrage (2 bombs) = 2 fireballs (2 bombs).

  2. Status effects - there could be many spells here that cripple or poison or whatever. I feel like this is untapped.

  3. Increase lightning storm damage again slightly - make it do damage against people in metal based armors more, or stun them, or deal more damage to your building if it doesn’t have a lightning rod?

  4. Undead damage buff - why not relate corruption to increased damage against undead?

Highly doubt any of that will happen or even be considered. They have their hands full as it is fixing just about everything introduced in 3.0

In the long term, after current issues are more settled, this one would also like to see some siege sorcery.
Perhaps an animated atrocity that’s about elephant size and deals more damage against structures, but is rotting, decays, and can be easily targetted by defenders.
Sorta something smaller than an avatar but easier to direct than a trebuchet.


Reminds me of the Oliphant/Mumakil from the Lord of the Rings. I’d be down for that, since they were my favorite units in the Battle for Middle Earth games

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Earthquake level 3 spell.

1k damage to foundations touching the mesh in a designated area. Randomly move placeables and disorients NPCs and thralls for 1 minute.

Convert. Level 2 spell.
Turns enemy thralls to friendly thrall. Lasts for 1 minute. LoS and direct casting targeting needed.

Animal kinship. Level 1 spell
All animals in area will aid caster (friendly status). Bosses immune.

Lord of death level 3 spell.
All undead in area will aid caster. Bosses immune.

Zombie Rot level 3.
All zombie decay timers in a defined area increased 24 hours.

Acidic cloud. Level 2
Acidic cloud in an area around caster. Last 1 minute.

Soften earth. Level 2. Cripple area effect. Last one minute.

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by the time the current issued are more settled there will be a new season with more bugs to be introduced


You’re probably not wrong.
However, future updates will likely be less drastic revampings of the game, so hopefully will come with less drastic bug infestations.

It’s called a Demonfire orb, and it already exists in the game. Alternatively, you can use explosive arrows.

Sorcery in the Conan setting isn’t the kind of wizardry you see in modern fantasy. Calling an indiscriminate storm to wreak havoc over an area fits the theme (even though in Howard’s books, it was something only one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world could do), but casually throwing elemental damage around does not.

Status effect spells are somewhat more setting-faithful. We have seen long-distance curses in People of the Black Circle, for example. However, making those worthwhile but not overly strong in PvP seems like it could be difficult. The effect needs to be meaningfully strong to warrant the cost of a pouch and the casting time, but not something that would guarantee a win.

For example, how long would a cripple effect need to last in order to make it a spell worth casting?

I could imagine casting a cripple bomb that lasts 5 minutes. When a player runs over it, he gets crippled :slight_smile:

I’m reminded of a set of novels with alien races capable of magical powers. Some are magical advanced rather than technologically so. In that universe there is a particular race that can kill with their magic, but it is rather taxing for them to do so. So when they wish to harm someone, they usually use a semi-automatic pistol or revolver. Why? Because it works better than spells.

According to the author, much of the inspiration of his setting comes from REH’s stories.

What kinds of spells were used in the original Conan books/comics?

Demonic summoning mostly. Some instances of curses and hexes causing pestilence and such.

There was a story where this group of wizards could attack people directly and Conan had to wear a protective belt to survive. But that story reeks of potential technology. Think of a Star Trek episode where the away team uses personal shields to avoid being killed by hand held disruptors.

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We don’t really have diseases in conan, do we? That could be a unique addition to the game, and also lean more on the “survival” aspect of the game too. Diseases could be spread through spells

Hexes would be cool too. Reducing movement speed, attack speed, or just plain damage over time by adding bleed stacks. That would be neat. Of course they’d need a counter, so maybe it summons a totem that radiates the hex? Don’t know how lore-accurate it would be, but I think it’s neat

Oh I got one…Confusion. Level 3. Another direct casting one. If successful, the NPC move opposite to their intended direction. For players? You controls are inverted from what you had them set as.

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We’re supposed to, I know the perk that made one immune to poison also said diseases.

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In Howard’s original stories we see the following examples:

  • various illusions making things seem different
  • prolonging one’s life unnaturally via human sacrifice
  • telepathy (used maliciously to e.g. send nightmares to the victim)
  • summoning and controlling monsters, undead and demons
  • supernatural strength and vitality
  • shapeshifting
  • curses that cripple the victim or even cause death over a prolonged period (this latter required hair/other body parts of the victim)
  • telekinetically ripping the heart out of the victim’s chest (used only by the Big Bad Boss of the Black Circle)
  • triggering natural phenomena, such as storms or earthquakes (used only by Xaltotun, an ancient Acheronian master sorcerer, and even to him these were difficult and taxing rituals)
  • draining the life out of a touched victim (only used by the high priest of Set)

Then we have magical items with effects such as

  • causing paralysing fear
  • protecting the wearer from hostile magic
  • shooting energy beams at metal objects
  • killing the victim touched

Finally, we have tricks that were either done by science or could be explained by science:

  • fireball (Demonfire orb)
  • exploding powder (some magnesium-based substance)
  • paralysis (poisoned ring)

Comic book adaptations of Howard’s stories may have changed some details, because a visual format requires different tools to explain to the reader what’s going on. With less room to explain magic, it’s easier to just draw a magical blast striking the victim’s head and the victim writhing in pain, rather than try to describe in detail the headache, blurred vision and nausea.

Including sorcery

I made suggestions in the other thread but here are some:

  • Keep lightning storm as a anti-structure spell. Adjust its damage accordingly.

  • Buff call of the dead a lot so it actually functions as an anti-personnel spell. Increase its duration. Currently I dont think the spell does anything at all apart from looking cool. Ive used it against pve mobs and could find no evidence that it did any damage. The zombies are too slow compared to the duration of the spell.

  • New spell: confusion. Cause enemy thralls/NPCs ignore their targeting setting and make them attack whatever is closest.

  • New spell: sigil of pain. Cause a sigil to appear in the ground, which causes damage over time to enemies within radius and corruption to everyone.

  • Make the invisibility spell to be actual invisibility instead of predator stealth that is obvious to players. Make it so that the reveal corruption spell reveals an invisible sorcerer.

  • Increase the duration of the imbue soul light spells tenfold and make them have no material cost. (not pvp but these spells are useless as is)

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