Souvenirs or new game?

With all red lvl 70 weapons - what are we doing with these? :rofl:




Also - Is there a mod that auto deletes the distills that CAN be deleted?

My money is on „you don‘t have all the possible red weapons“, so find one and start working on it :laughing:

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Thank you Aeryl.

Now, just need to figure out what to do with the undeletable/unsellable ones lol

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Purified distillates don’t cost anything to use, so if you really just want to get rid of them, dump them into random items and vendor those.

Alternatively, build a stockpile of items you can use to empower or fuse any future ones you might want to work on.


I figured this was the only way to just get rid of them.
I don’t foresee anything new coming out that will add anything new to/change my already full pile of completed items.
So while i am still levelling a few bits of gear, i’ll just be deleting those weapon distills via adding them to a rando green and vendoring it.

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