Spam replacing destroyed building pieces during raids

Thought it was time this got a dedicated thread. It really needs to get removed imo, it makes online raiding near impossible against prepared clans without a god

And how is the game engine supposed to recognize the activities of players as being behavior defined as “a raid” to constitute the removal of building abilities?

Taking building damage? If so, for how long? 15min?

So now I can [(added) CHEAPLY] grief my enemy by not allowing them to build.

If something gets completely destroyed by building damage (dismantling won’t count), then nothing can be placed in the same spot for 5-10 minutes. It really doesn’t have to be that long because the problem is spam replacing it the moment it gets destroyed so there’s no way to get through and secure the area.

I keep loads of doors and door frames in a chest for this specific reason. 1 hour of grinding for doors is ~5 or 6 hours of grinding for explosive arrows/gas arrows and 2 hours for bombs. So the fact that you can spam replace makes no sense.

Of course, repair hammers should still be able to be used. But nobody does that because as far as I know, repairing is more expensive than replacing. And even if repairing isn’t more expensive, it’s much easier to balance repairing than it is to balance door spam. The only way to balance it now is to increase the cost of doors, but I’m sure nobody wants that. If spam replacing is removed, then the cost of repairing can be adjusted much more easily.

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So I let u waste 5 bombs then dismantle the gate and instantly replace.

On a side note, I don’t disagree with you, just discussing.

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Damn that’s true. Maybe as something is being damaged it can’t be dismantled? Fire from bombs would prevent this and grease arrows would have a use

Good suggestion. Should work like during the purge.

Minus the fact that bombs can’t be placed during purge, yea. So dumb that purges literally just give defenders time to grab everything and run because attackers can’t place bombs

I disagree. As a PvP player on the officials, I see nothing wrong with the system as is. With, possibly, the exception that there are clans out there who have duped themselves so many reinforcement building blocks that it truly is impossible to run them dry.

If your opponent is prepared, and builds back, change up your tactics. Make a bunch of prep outside one part of their base, and then go and strike the other side. Use explosive arrows to remote detonate jars on an opposite side to lure them away. If you have a combat thrall following you for the raid, have them “Unfollow” you while they are standing parked on the breach. You cannot build on top of other players, or combat thralls. Lure them out, cut them down, and then detonate your red powders while they are still in the dead room waiting to respawn. Or, lure them out with their inv full of replacement blocks, and then kill them. And take their blocks. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty of ways to raid and harass the prepared player or clan. You simply need to get creative. :slight_smile:


… every moderately experienced player won’t build on the ground. The only way to do dmg to bases is using splash dmg through bubbles and if you can even rebuild these tiny bits of dmg it is as good as impossible to online raid.

I don’t understand why these balance discussions don’t see the obvious: every attempt to strengthen random houses on the ground result in making pillar bases almost invincible.

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Cost of destruction is higher than the cost of building. If the numbers are even defenders vs raiders then defenders can replace things faster than you can destroy no matter what you do.

Well it blocks building when a purge is happening, there’s clearly some mechanic ingame to deny building - i’m sure raiding could initiate a state or somesuch with some balancing tweaks.

I build on the ground because i’m lazy and cbf’d going through the rigmarole of taking lifts/climbing to some annoying to get to base. Same deal with farming gods bubbles, I refuse to. It opens my bases to being raided but I’d actually prefer this than making my game a chore. I’ve got enough crap in my day with my dayjob let alone coming home and voluntarily doing it in a game. Each to their own really.


sorry, more specifically:

“what parameters would define the variable ‘raiding’”

Yeah not sure - but all im saying is, there’s a mechanic as part of the purge that blocks building while a purge is active so the game does/would have the capability to somehow do this for raiding if say something like any detected building damage could initiate a mini-state (like the purge) of say 5 minutes where building/repairing cant be done.

Rust has a system like this where you cant repair anything that’s been damaged for i think it’s 30 seconds after it’s been damaged. There’s no reason why Conan couldnt employ a similar system.

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Other survival games has these feature! ark and rust Ark is a 2 minute raid timer i believe! It near in possible to raid on Conan tho. Its a race between who runs out of jars of materials first can go on for ever. On another subject jars do to much damage to t3 it takes much longer to build then if you were to just craft jars. With no build during raid and stronger t3 it would be perfect!

This was in a FAQ at some point (it’s a while back, I’m sure someone can find it though), basically the takeaway was that the developers consider repairing while being raided a part of the game, as it then becomes a question of resources (outlasting your opponent can be a viable tactic).

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Like @Mikey wrote, this is basically siege warfare.

As far as existing game mechanics go with the purge and disallowed building, I can guarantee that any attempt to implement an existing detection system for raiding and setting certain limitations on repairing will:

  • Have a ton of bugs
  • Be inconsistent
  • Create furious posts
  • Get exploited

Repairing is one thing, spam replacing is another. Repairing forces you to be out in the open as it would be in siege warfare. Spam replacing can work from like a mile away

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Yeah but then Funcom shouldn’t enhance building pieces to protect poorly designed stuff such as yours. Lazy building = easy raiding. Perfectly fine.

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I think this is one of the reasons offline raids are meta for most. Not on, can’t plop down replacements faster than i can blow thru them.