Special Arrows award Journey step for Combining Orb Effects

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(also singleplayer mode)

When I ran a test on the dregs boss in soloplayer earlier today, I spawned in a Star Metal Bow, a stack of Star Metal arrows, and a stack of Poison Arrows. During the combat, after firing the 2nd or 3rd poison arrow, the game awarded me with the Journey step for combining orb effects. This was a fresh character that I used for testing purposes who had never even touched an orb. I thought perhaps it was a fluke due to the acid pit surrounding the dregs boss.

On server just a moment ago, I was collecting star metal. I was using the lowest level crude bow, crafted from branches, and had equipped it with explosive arrows. I fired a fully charged power shot with explosive arrows at one of the nodes, and it did not crack open. I fired a standard shot, still no crack. I fired a 3rd arrow, this time with fully charged power shot. The star metal node cracked open and my character was awarded the Journey step for having combined orb effects.

I couldn’t find a topic similar to this. If anyone knows if this also happens in the live version, please report.

That’s true for most of them, but not true for the explosive arrows. Also, I would understand if I used 2 different types of arrows to combine effect, such as an oil arrow then explosive arrow, but this was not the case. It was the same type of arrow being used. So there was only 1 effect being used. A combination shouldn’t be possible.

Good to know. Thank you.

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