Specific animals could sniff out the lost thralls on map

I think that would solve the problem of many.
What happened is that the jar of thralls where i put the food is pointing out that a thrall still alive, but i can’t find it and i have already been to the last places i was with him, the event log says the thrall came home, but it is not what happened.
I think this is the bug that is happening.
A sniffing animal would be useful because what happened to me was when i died, the thrall was to appear far away from the place where i died. I thought i lost it, but i found it 2 days later while exploring.

It’s a little stressful, it takes time to find a good thrall, it takes a long time for him to level up and suddenly the game makes the biblical rapture in the thrall :smile:

I want tracking ferrets


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Thralls that go on scouting will return home after a short amount of time. Home is the last place you put your thrall on guard. So, if you put your thrall on guard at Shattered Springs and you are in the mounds and die, if you can’t find it, it will return to Shattered Springs.

Good practice is to never place your thrall on guard anywhere other than home base. If you die and can’t find it, just go home. It will return.

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