Speedrunning Conan Exiles

Level 60 would be considered New Game Plus as it relates to the game. Starting at level one is quite difficult. Not like I would discourage anyone from doing that to begin with. By all means, play like so if you want. However, it’ll be somewhat easier having better armor, weapons, and a thrall to bust through the game. All can be done under a New Game Plus circumstance. I guess it’s more of an intended way of playing through the content I guess.

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I understood.

I still feel the same.
But, I think you can do it any way you wish.
I like to make things difficult on myself.
That’s why I would also be interested in a no crafting run.


Yeah, then that makes sense. Some people like it easier and others like the challenge. I personally like the game’s difficulty but I also know that translating that into a hour-ish long speedrun is very much harder than a casual run. Considering that most people say to tackle most of the content at level 60.

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You can place a droplet of honey on dung. At the end of the day it’s still dung.

If you meant your statement:

You wouldn’t have built your comment belittling the topic.


Art is subjective.

So you start a PvP game with the objective to unlock your bracelet and free yourself from the Exiled Lands…… I think not.


We don’t play on open servers. Only on singleplayer and co-op playthroughs. As for those players, they’re probably full leveled characters who sunk hundreds of hours into the game.

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@techee, Welcome m8. I watched some of your work not because it was boring, most because I am a bit old and YouTube videos are always my best sleeping pill. In my free time I prefer to play and visit the forum, so sorry, but I cannot be dishonest, it is a wrong way to build relations.
I see challenge to what you do and I like it.
I believe however that Conan exiles and especially the exile lands are more open to challenges than a remove bracelet speed run.
A good example of it that maybe more famous with greater competitiveness is the obelisk speed run.
Not in the Civil either the decadent, but in barbaric mode.
On official server rules and only in official servers you can have a decadent experience which is really good and very competitive too.
About your speed run I will have to wait a bit to try it, because I still play on ps4 and we suffer great rendering issues with delayed spawns or invisible mobs.
So challenge taken my dear @Zeb, the soonest possible, but I cannot tell when exactly. Thank you for your support my dear friend


I was only trying to build the community. Maybe I didn’t do the right steps but I thought that maybe I could start here and go from there. As for the YouTube side of things, I’m still new to it and I need to learn a lot more before I can consider growing it. There’s always better solutions to both of these I’m sure. But I do appreciate your willingness to try this and there’s plenty of categories to run. Please feel free to look at everything and find something that will work the best for you.


I will, trust me, I am always open to meet other gamers that create new routes of fun in this game. Other than that I really need more pve reasons to play this game and this speed run is one. I never play to win, just to participate so I can have a solid opinion for everything. How can I judge something I never tried? Cross fingers m8 for my ps5 arrival, so I will do my run with less frustration since the performance in ps4 is not so good. Soon m8, really soon :love_you_gesture:


I always thought I had the naked black keep run down to an art, Left left right(towards the light) then the rest are just lefts get the key, turn around and keep going back left, grab the recipe jump over into the water exit dungeon.

I wouldnt really call my style speedrun I just like to go fast though on official

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And that area is the most confusing area to go through. Can’t imagine just how many times I got momentarily lost in the Black Keep. But I usually go with visual cues for myself and generally have a good idea of where I’m at when I’m in there.


The speedruns I watched skipped the black keep. I’ve seen them go straight for legendaries, as soon as possible, especially the big crocs.

I think stone daggers are OP because of this! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


99% of it is just going left, so once you learn the single right turn its pretty easy, used to get lost a ton myself until I worked that out

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Those are Any% Civilized runs you’re talking about there. The croc fight takes about 15 minutes to do and I’m trying to either make it easier or try to get rid of it all together to no success. The alternative to this would be called New Game Plus. A run where you can play through the content with whatever armor, weapon, thralls, mounts, and pets to help you through this. It’s more dev intended than the New Game speedruns.

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Looks like a couple folks were intent on running this topic into the ground with unconstructive commentary. Cleaned up some posts.


Thank you. I did get a world record run in Any% Custom category and I’ll post it as soon as I put it up on YouTube and speedrun.com.


Heck yeah, I’d love to see that. Any% speedruns are some of my favorite performances to watch honestly :slight_smile:


Here’s my latest world record!


This has definitely sparked my interest since I am a fan of watching speedruns (though usually NES). Hopefully this gets some more hype and interest.

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I hope so too. Trying to build this community the best that I can.


This month, aside from practicing my run, I’ll be running the dungeons. If there’s any dungeon you guys want to see done fast, let me know.