Spendable legendary items - is it bad idea?

Can’t say nothing about pure PvP. Mostly play at PvP-C. I will be talking from my small expirience and opinion.

To be honest (i can see that most of people on forum will not agree), but I like this change. Legendary weapons was completly useless after you got to star metal ore. Now they will feel more unic - like a real treasure. Item for spesial ocasion, but not to everyday use. For raid, dungeon or purge, not to farm some hyenas with my legendary sword.

Also the main aspect of that change is to forse people to move around ingame world. To hunt those legendaries like treasures - contest bosses for them, kill or trade them for some other legendaries. In other words to make players comunicate with each other. To meet other people, to make situations.

Yea, it’s pity to lose your faworite spear for example but that gives you additional purposes in game.

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