Spinas the Marauder vs Janos

Spinas is a volcano thrall with an MDM of 2.21
Janos is a Heir to the North with an MDM of 1.93375

Who is better?
The reason I ask is that Spinas seems to do much more damage than Janos, is an MDM difference of .27625 really that much? You can tell Janos has better stats.

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it’s math, provided they do same base damage (which is not the case, but never mind, let’s make it 100) pure .28 (rounded) would be 128, so you tell me if near 28% damage boost is a good trade off?


So basically the damage modifier is the only thing that matters. What’s the point of anything else again? Just run to the volcano and get all of your thralls.
Any thralls with a higher than 2.21 MDM?


That’s pretty much the complaint a lot of us have had since they introduced the thrall leveling system in the first place. The individual attributes are only useful when comparing thralls that are “copies” of the same thrall (e.g. two Nordheimer Fighters II). They’re useless for all other comparisons. :confused:


I’ve been saying that MDM and RDM need to be removed. Set STR to do 2% bonus dmg per point as players do, and maybe even set VIT to be the same as players too.

By the way I believe each Thrall gets different values from VIT too. So that ought to go as well.

Whatever is done, a player should be able to look at the stat screen and determine what the thrall will do with what weapon and armor equipped at a glance. Not have to use admin console commands, delving into dev kits, and looking at wiki’s

Does anyone disagree with this? If so, please explain why.


Well I kept hearing how awesome Beastmaster Teimos is, but his MDM is only 2.08. I actually drilled down on this because I spent some time today capturing him and building a small base in the pirate cove, but now apparently, it seems I wasted my time.

Exactly, it should not be rocket science to figure out damage output on a thrall, this is ludicrous. I ran both thralls through some testing and even though my Janos has better stats my Spinas was doing 2/3rds more DPS.


Teimos is better because of the amount of HP difference. It’s pretty standard for a Teimos to get 10k-12k HP. So even with the less dmg it will still kill other thralls 1v1 because it has more HP. So for PvP thralls Teimos is the best.

If you’re strictly looking for a PvE thrall to slay bosses. Volcano thralls or Dalinsia is the best.


Another nice thing about Teimos is that it levels as fast as a T1 thrall. Or it used to the last time I bothered to go thralling, so that info might be stale by now.

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I guess we will see. I know leveling Spinas was a major chore, but I could run him thru the city at level 12 without worrying about losing him. Also he handles the sword of Crom well, doing the combos, and Janos wasnt doing combos with the same sword.


Actually according to the wikki Dalinsia’s DMD is 2.21 and the Cimmerian Berserker’s is 2.25 so the Berserker would be the best option.
The problem with the berserks is that every time I try to level one up it gets a nerf bonus. Congenital heart problems and such…lol. It’s the only thrall I try to level that gets a negative stat every time.

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they walk thin line with all those raw mushrooms and alcohol they ingest
not to mention lack of proper clothing in harsh climate, it adds up with age


This is my main complaint the past 5 months . Since I watched firespark 81 and @Wak4863 doing comparisons between Teimos and all the others at lvl 20 , Teimos was always the winner of the fights :pensive: .

@SirDaveWolf uploaded a post of his jackpot finding 2 Dalinsias at once , but knowing that a Teimos lvl 20 can erase this jackpot to a person that visits the mount of the dead at least the past 3 years and knows how rare is to find just one , it is breaking my b…s , sorry but this is how I feel about the Teimos decision the Devs had . It is unfair , wrong , error , mistake , bad , etc…

@JJDancer , for me , no matter what , Spinas is no 1 . I always equip him Ajas bane and he crashes everything in his way . He makes great damage ,he receives less and he never dies from lava , never . I know that I sound like a great fan of this thrall but … Yes , definitely I am :rofl::rofl::rofl: . He is such a rare spawn like Daicas and Amos ,but he is far my favourite .

I have farmed a lot of Teimos in the past , my PvP clan loved the Buccaneers bay , so I can assure you that I farmed this guy a lot , back then however he was not the beast he is almost the last year now . I know the benefits that this thrall is giving to PvP , I almost respect this , still …

Closing , I believe that purge thralls must be better and rarity must be more rewarding .
Am I wrong ?


Well I have to agree so far.

I gave him heavy armor with all + strength and a Sword of Crom and he is a beast.

I usually test my thralls on the squishy boss crocs to not only see how they deal damage, but to see how they take it, and he does a few heavy combos with that sword and the croc is almost dead, its crazy.
And yes, he was fighting a thrall near a bridge and got knocked into the lava and my heart sank, but he barely took damage, and ran up to the bridge and one-shotted the tier 3 NPC.

Unfortunately, FC does not agree, and nerfs rarity into the ground every time. I don’t know how many rare items were nerfed in the last five years, but it was a lot.
People used to complain that “it wasn’t fair” that they didn’t play as much and couldn’t farm for rare drops (PVPers, shocking I know), so the squeaky wheel as usual got the grease.

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Actually in Wak’s tests a Relic Hunter ended up on top.

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I’m going to keep my thoughts short and censored I don’t want to ruin the game for anyone.

Teimos = high health and decent damage
Dalinsia = rounded health and damage
Spinas = rounded health and damage (is regularly praised for completing combos)
Berserker = highest damage and lowest health with the bane of bad perk rolls.
Lian / Janos = lower damage and high health

There are some back end numbers that come into play as well the damage bonus from each point in strength attribute for example, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a huge difference.

In my experience it’s best to level for HP and take a few minutes longer to kill high level enemies but they outlast the damage they take.

The arena champion is the only enemy to worry about really. Many of the thralls named in this thread cannot defeat her alone at level 20 without some serious perk rolls.


You are right , still Teimos defeated Dalinsia , so I believe you get my point here :wink: . Thanks for the correction m8 :+1:

I think you nailed it, this has been my experience so far.

Spinas is still a beast.

Big Edit : Spent a few hours with Teimos this morning, he was level 1 and is now level 13, super fast leveling, as @CodeMage said. Also, he has some kind of hidden heal bonus and heals really fast, even without healing arrows, etc. And he just does not take damage, it is crazy. I ran him thru the Unnamed City at level 8 and he tore it up with just a star metal two handed axe.
He is the true beast. First perk was relentless, +5 health.

@stelagel You need to level one up.


@JJDancer ,oh I do , in PvP he is the most farmed thrall , very easy , almost certain spawn , excellent archery and excellent vitality . You cannot have a better archer than Teimos in the game . In pve however all I love is to kill him and all his camp solo for the argosean dream dust and his water breathing mask . For me the only low thrall that may enter my house is Tugra or Mei . Still Mei is a little beast too . Teimos and Berserkers in PvP are pop :corn: . Once Relic hunters where at the same line ,but after the mount PvP ,I don’t spend to much time in unnamed city when I play PvP . I love horses but I hate every aspect of PvP with them . I know I sound weard but the only reason I play PvP is the guys of the clan . If it wasn’t them I wouldn’t :wink: .

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So the bottom line is Teimos is the top thrall. He has hidden healing multipliers, hidden damage multipliers, and you can level him very fast. He is a guaranteed spawn in the pirate cove and easy to capture. I reserve the right to say this is my opinion after testing Janos, Spinas, Dalinisia, berserker, and Tiemos.


Recordar que no solo se miden por STR o VIT. La Supervivencia y Agilidad le dan EVASION y DEF.

1 Esclavo con poca STR y VIT puede ser tan ligero que ningun otro NPC le alcanzen y esquiva muchisimo los golpes… E Visto TEIMOS matar a BOSS sin que le tocaran ni 1 vez… Y e visto Janos y Dalisias a punto de Morir… Para comprobar vuestro esclavo y sus Stat. os recomiendo enfrentarlos a la Campeona!!! eso si muchos moriran…

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