Spotting Cheaters on Your Private Server

As a server owner and admin, I am concerned about cheaters and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What are some things to be on the lookout for when guarding against hackers or cheaters?

Are there any aimbots, etc, that make it past BattlEye and VAC?

What have you other server owners and admins out there seen?

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Scan map as god character, with invisiblity, just stalk people randomly to see if they act normally.
There are speedhacks, bots and BattleEye won’t detect it most of the time.


im tired of the cheaters… there is a guy on LATAM oficial sv #1998 that always finds me no matter where i am… he just appear and attacks me… and this happens just when the server kicks me idkw… i re-join and this guy appears in front of me… wtf i reported him but nothing… they ask me for a video… how the f im supposed to record a video GG

That is how I caught a player using a ghost hack.

Right, you shouldn’t have to do Funcom’s job for them anyways, they should have known opening up their code for modders was going to also make it susceptible for script hacks. Zero competency.

If you have your own server, I am guessing you have mods loaded? If so, then you likely (have to have) PIPPI right up there at the top. You can pick out some of the more obvious hack and other-mods junk. Pop the ‘naughty’ stuff in your Server Rules and what will happen when you spot it.

I use PIPPI periodically to check on spam building, abuse, etc. Players messing about outside the server rules gets a warning and then (a) gets the spam-building (for example) cleared and, if they keep massing about, they get a direct Crom-intervention. Works real well.

I do find that (on private servers) the use of aim/cheat/???-bots and routines are not too bad. It’s easily reported by other players and very easy to resolve thereafter.

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