Stability glitch and deletion glitch help please!

Game mode: [Online] [official servers pve]
Problem: Glitch server issue deletion/stability glitch
Region: server 4028 asia server

Hello please help I have been sending this issue and I have gotten no help please

Hello Funcom can you please help with this issue I have been having an issue on ps4 on official server 4028 asia I live in the U.S. but play on this server. I have been building this city putting hard work into it and I have been having some bugs. I have been building this castle and got it completed and put my thralls and a lot of furniture into it only for the furniture to disappear and most of my castle is gone now! it only happens after the server resets daily I waste so much time, materials, and effort into something only for it to disappear I do not know why it does this, my stability on everything is 100% where I am building my castle at only now after everything is gone it says the stability is 20% and lower than it was because everything is gone. I have reached out to you guys numerous times through email and I just get the same response basically hardly any help and I have sent evidence, can you guys please help me with this issue I haven’t played Conan’s in a couple weeks because of this issue I don’t want to play it until hopefully it can get fixed. Also if this helps my foundation of the city is ceilings because it was more convenient to where I was building and I put pillars for support and the part where I am building the castle in the city is 100%. Can you please help please I really need someone to help me with this so I can build and play again without having to worry about my structures and furniture disappearing so I can actually finish my city please can you help funcom please?

Have you filled a report through Zendesk

they monitor that more than the forum. Give all the information you can and perhaps screen shot.


I have sent funcom a bunch of emails and thank you for the help :slight_smile: how do I do the zendesk thing?
O ok this is where I have reported from before yea they told me to go to forums through email after sending them numerous reports on the zendesk thing. I just hope they really see this I guess I could always send another report. Thank you for the help though Sestus2009 hopefully they will help with this.

I just sent two more responses to zendesk hopefully they don’t just give me a reponse I have heard before I love conan exiles one of my favorite games but I just wish the customer support could be of more help I know they are busy and everything but it would be nice if the customer support team could help better they are a great team and love the game they just need to help people out more on here and zendesk I just want the issue to be solved so I can play and build without having to worry about anything disappearing I love to support these guys I just need help with this.


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