Stack of 3 chests disappear / go missing after placing Yog shrine on floor above them

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]
Server: [Official Public Server]

I just had three stacked chests go missing (today, patch day, 6/29). These seem to have disappeared shortly after I was performing some ceiling tile upgrades on the ceiling ABOVE where the chests are stored (I was not replacing the floors that were underneath the chests, not ceiling that were supporting the chests in any way). The last thing that I did before noticing that the chests were missing was placing a Yog shrine upstairs.

In an effort to recover the chests, I picked up my bed (which was on the same floor as the missing chests), deconstructed the small campfire which was next to the chests, and also deconstructed the Yog shrine in the hopes that the chests were somehow still there in the area, but just were being prevented from rendering. I also reconnected to the server a couple of times, as well as fully restart my client in the hopes of bringing the chests and the stowed materials back.

I cannot seem to coax the chests to come back, so I fear that they are long gone. There is nothing recorded in the event log suggesting that these chests were destroyed or removed by any nefarious means. I am doubtful, but I am planning to keep the area clear with the meager hopes that the daily server restart may return the chests.

Spot where the chests disappeared from (toon is looking at the floor, chest stack was where the combat reticle is):

Other items that were placed in the area to give you an idea of the space usage:

Relatively close coordinates to the spot:
TeleportPlayer -51306.195313 149573.59375 -1575.391357

Other notes:
In the image, you can see the black ice T3 floor tiles that would have been supporting the stack of three chests. You will see that the floor underneath the chests is triangular. This was one of the six triangle foundations where I first started to build this base (started T1, upgraded to stonebrick T2, upgraded again to black ice T3). Directly above this chest stack, on the second floor (using two high walls per flight), was where I had placed the Yog shrine. Because this base is on a bit of a perch, I wanted to make sure that the shrine was as central to the middle core of the base.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. TeleportPlayer -51306.195313 149573.59375 -1575.391357, and build a tower base here.
  2. Place six chests in the spot pictured, two stacks side by side, three chests in each stack.
  3. Build a second floor above the chests.
  4. Place a Yog shrine above the chests, up on the second floor.
  5. Mourn your lost stuff, and be glad it was sundries and a couple of low level thralls, and not hard to come by building mats.

Okay - small update. I just loaded into my base, and this happened:

So a previously, long time placed foundation has now re-oriented itself in the reverse direction. I wonder if this has been screwed up or confused all along, and if this contributed to the stack of chests that I had here (which I have foolishly replaced) disappear and go poof.