Star metal and it's need

I thinknthat isnthe inly real use, but rp more than effecient. Nothing wrong with it, just sad that star metal is now just another recipe that is not as it should be in game loops.

Yeah it is mostly RP. Although you can get good results (better than most EL legendaries) with a named smith and grandmaster weapon fittings. And the Kinslayer’s weapons are very good too.

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Exactly. Star metal just doesn’t mesh with canon anyways. I mean we are horrified with the idea of fireball casting…but forging meteorites with magic ice and sulfur to make magical weapons and armor akin to ancient techniques long lost in the sands of time…sure why not.

One goes directly against the canon and the other doesn’t.

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And the godbraker set and if I am not mistaken, I have to check (it’s been years) I think the vanir heavy wanted star metal too. I have to fix epic vanir heavy about 2 years now :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

@erjoh, Siptah is reach to everything, literally everything, how much time you need in exile lands to farm 75 Grey lotus seeds? About playing with higher gear hardened steel, it could be a rule in a… server, this rule however would made the teliths and kingsurge weapons the best of the game :man_shrugging:.

Star metal seems to be a baseline for endgame equipment.

The change of crafter thralls, so you can have a bladesmith who adds like 10 damage to each weapon, is a problem IMO. Every weapon at and above star metal tier will be better than legendary weapons with this bladesmith.

Legendary Pike example:

Star Metal baseline:

Dragon Bone:

Star Metal baseline with Bladesmith:

Dragon Bone with bladesmith:

Craftable high end pike with bladesmith:

So the Ancient Lemurian Trident is actually legendary tier. Why would I ever want to get the other legendaries from chests now?


I thought they were fancy wall decorations. The legendary weapons, I mean, not the thralls (even though most of them are also just fancy base decorations, at least in my Single-Player game).

Sure, I do occasionally use a legendary weapon myself until I can get the recipes and materials to make better weapons, but that window is pretty narrow. Only the couple that are also light sources are useful even later on. And I guess Solspeil and Mistmourn have their uses in the Exiled Lands.

As for star metal and its uses - I’d still love to see a T4 building set that uses star metal as one of its components. Mostly I use it to make some thrall armors (for the looks rather than pure power) and most importantly - the bigger refrigerators. Star metal weapons are free if you enthrall some Cimmerians, but mostly those go into a dismantling bench rather than into use. In the Exiled Lands, dragonbone weapons are easy to get, and on Siptah, Grey One weapons are superior.

Especially in the Exiled Lands, we outgrow star metal weapons before we get our first star metal bar. On Siptah, getting to the star metal is easier because the land is flatter and the temperatures tolerable. The skeletons and wights are somewhat tougher than the goats guarding the meteors on Exiled Lands, but if you’re careful you won’t get outnumbered by too many at once.

No, rather than getting rid of star metal, I’d like to see more endgame craftables require star metal so that we’d feel an actual need for it.

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Simple :grin:.
You just start in a new server, you go and take the darfari recipe and fix the axe so you kill some spider bosses (daggers and axe to keep bleeding) and rng be with you you get a legendary pike to be ready to battle from day one on pvp servers. Master @SirDaveWolf this “upgrade” on crafted weapons is clearly for pvp reasons, we, the pve lovers hate it.
@Marcospt I cannot agree more, no more nerfs is something @CodeMage saying too long here and I agree.
Still treir game their rules :man_shrugging:.

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Wait, you level up your thralls with HP sponges?

I usually go for apes in the jungle, skeletons or brim rocknoses.

You can’t stress that enough. They can balance boss HP after AI revamp. But the AI will be really taxing on server tickrate then.

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That means an upgrade to UE5, but Funcom could polish it more with UE4.

Then my traps won’t work because it requires T1.

Not necessarily. And “upgrade” to UE5 would mean: build the game from scrap again. Well assets like models, sounds etc. would be already available, but the coding. Could be 2-3 years of development and testing.


Are you implying to change the class of T1 to placeables instead of a building?

This is a great idea maybe a black ice version of sorts.

If you are talking thrall weapons then they are ok to begin with. As far as player weapons they are terrible as they require a lot more stamina to use.

Ah, I meant traps made of building pieces. It makes a 30 min raid turn into a 3 hour raid. Only way to get through is brute force.

As far as nerfing and buffing weapons and gear. I’m not sure why any effort would go there when there are still a ton of bugs and exploits in the game that should be addressed. Star metal tools are pretty viable on exiled lands not so much on siptah. Legendary weapons should be buffed to be on par or better than crafted but this has been a request ever since the worker thrall re work. (Months ago)

All the extra points to use one weapon type… I think you will find most players will pass. Also bleed is useless now so not worth it. I’m sure anyone curious will quickly find this out. They are also very heavy compared to other weapons

Just trying to give people good information. If you like it that’s all good and well but it’s a flawed weapon type

For PVE it’s almost useless. by the time I’m 60 I’m swimming in legendary weapons and have a set of black blood tools.

So you’d sacrifice the damage and amour pen fitting for a stamina reduction one, extra points in grit which isn’t needed especially if you’re on siptah because of the jhil gloves and demon sigil,

instead of just crafting a better weapon with more damage and that uses way less stamina per swing with the master weapon fitting.