Star Metal, SP, server restarts


I am playing SP. Apparently the game is only partly persistent, every time the server restarts, which in an SP game means every time we log back in, the time of day, resource and NPC spawns, all reset.

Now does it apply to Star Metal nodes as well? I’ve spent a bit of time looking for some, I know how it looks like and where too look for it, but I cannot find it. Are all the Star Metal nodes removed when a server restarts?


Yes it does.

My SP game was bugged where I was unable to break a meteor open regardless of how many explosives I used. So I relogged to try to fix it.

It no longer existed, nor did the ones I saw in the distance.

This is a good way to find them!

I could not for the life of me find any star metal in single player, but now that I’m on a private server that resets twice daily, there is no issue. It is available almost any time i actually go hunting for it, unless the server has just restarted.

I find it quite a lot on SP. The meteors seem to gravitate toward me! They keep flying right over my head when I’m there. I fear for my life sometimes.

This was the first time I ever saw it…

@Funcom: if it is truly the case, please save the nodes to the database, at least in SP mode. I cannot leave the PC on for half a day, even less spend half a day looking at the sky, we don’t have permanent servers in SP mode. In my 250+ hours I only noticed that thing in the sky once, and didn’t even know that one would need to drop everything IG and IRL because it will disappear upon game exit. Or add a console command to spawn a node to compensate. If I start spawning items themselves there won’t be a reason to play anymore.

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Yesterday I have literally spent half a day running around the lake, from the Frozen Temple to the end of the snowy area, to no avail.

Try relogging.

Once, I logged out when I got to the ice temple. When I got back on, I cleared the temple and meteors were on the ground when I walked outside. So I don’t think it takes too long for a meteor strike to occur after logging on.

Here is where I was at on the map when I saw the meteors shown in the previous screenshot.

I always see them between there and the ice temple.

Star metal spawns at server startup so this should not be an issue in single player.

No meteor showers in SP then?


The whole cliff line above your character position is the best area to farm starmetal imo (+ there are enough black ice nodes here too). Best spot to get nice meteor showers screenshots too, as you’re showing with your own shots :slight_smile:
One question though, could you try to get hit by a meteor (since they seem to love you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )
just to check if the pop up “you were killed by METEOR” can actually happen. i have tried several times and was not close enough to get showered…one time was pretty close though :slight_smile: . Might sound silly and off topic but i’m just curious.


As I’ve shown, and mentioned, I see meteor showers a lot in SP.

Haha, I can try but they’re a lot faster than I am!

As for black Ice, I simply gather over 9,000 from the temple in one trip and am set for life.

Great! thanks.
The cherry on top of the cake would be a screen of it, if you can.
i will keep trying myself though, especially since i’m establishing a base nearby very soon :slight_smile:

I have not seen one since launch and I have not seen a star metal node since the very first time I discovered one…several months passing. I have given up on looking and use Obsidian instead.

That’s quite unfortunate! I started a new game after launch. I had a meteor shower the first time I went in that area, so I had star metal at 54, before I could use it.

I play with all default settings, I don’t know what would cause me to see more than anyone else.

I play on my own server and the damn things were never found, i got tired of looking and admin ghosted up over the mountain. They can spawn inside the very top side of some of the peaks and can be crappy to reach even when you find them. Even when on top of the world I guess keep looking up for them lol.

Your character has a magnetic personality, obviously.

I play mostly default settings. I ignore stamina and I adjust damage settings when fighting a boss. I don’t think it is the settings. I think it could be that I do not play long when I do play.

If you play on SP, i definitely think this could be indeed the reason why you can’t find any, since your “own computer server” restarts evreytime you log out.

I’ve heard that and saw the picture, but Alether seems to imply that they spawn at startup regardless.

I went to a location where they have been reported. I expected to see the star metal fall when I logged back in to play.
Nothing. I waited longer.
Still nothing.

I tried this with a couple other locations. A complete and frustrating waste of my time.

I seem to have two options: forget Star metal and play with obsidian or admin a stack of Star Metal ore so I can have my Star Metal weapons. The latter is a bit game-breaking…I’m currently using obsidian. :frowning: