Starmetal bug? using explosives does nothing?

so ive noticed some bugs with starmetal and was wondering if anybody else was having the same issue…
il run to narnia to get some star metal and either the rock lands on a slope so you cant put down an explosive, or the rock seems to be invincible (ive used 5 explosives on one rock and nothing)

i have put down a foundation next to the sloped starmetal in order to put down the explosive but that just seems like an extra step for no reason…
and im unsure if puting a foundation so close to the ore could make it bug out? … my foundations will die but the rocks stay intact like 70% of the time?

Run into a few of the industructable nodes as well, but I’ve found that the ‘align with ground’ or whatever it’s called function (R3 on PS4) generally allows placement of explosives on slopes, though you’ve gotta be careful of it rolling away. But, easier than explosives is grease orbs, make sure you coat it entirely with like 4-5 and light it up.

It’s a bug, don’t bother thinking about what you did wrong, just use this

Extra step not necessary. Regular explosives are a waste, too. Too expensive.

I ve the same problem! I try it with 4 different comets and only by one the explosion was successful. But I need a foundation to reach the comet at the cliff. I think its a bad bug and hope it will managed immediately.

Sometimes there are nodes that just won’t break. In EA, when one set of meteors fell, I always figured they were on a “timer” and if they weren’t harvested before the next meteor shower, they got bugged and couldn’t be harvested.

Other would take upwards of 5-6 attempts with stacking grease on them to blow them up. Not sure if this is really true or not, just what I’ve found.

Since launch though, I can’t say much I’ve only blown up one node with an explosive and it cracked perfectly

It’s definitely not a timer.
I watched six meteorites land and went after them immediately. The 5th one was invulnerable but the first four and the six broken open easily with the method I normally use - 4 poison and 1 demonfire orb.
That fifth one didn’t even crack with this method so I immediately left to find the sixth.

You don’t need foundations. Check out the video I posted above.

Most likely node despawn but for some reasone the node looks there. This happen with every other node etc trees, stone, iron. Best to tell hit with pic it should say can’t harvest with this( something on that line). If it doesn’t say anything it is fake.

I’m not so sure. As mentioned above, I saw a bugged one within only a few minutes of it landing.
I also get no messages at all when I strike any meteorites with a pick.

I’ve never seen any other resources bug out like this.

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