Starting a New Game

I’ve been playing offline in single player since I bought the game. I want to try things out on an online server now. Will I lose my offline, single player progress if I do this? I’m playing on Xbox so not sure if that matters or not.

You won’t lose your single player progress, but you will start from zero on the new server.

I guess it’s the same for every platform.
You will not loose your Single Player progress, playing elsewhere.
As well as you will not loose any server progression playing on different servers.

You’ll definitely experience things online that you theoretically don’t offline. I’ve never really played sp much, but I keep reading that it has more bugs, such as never seeing it rain in sp.

Do it this weekend and plan ahead. You get a double xp weekend on official servers and with proper planning you should reach a decent level quickly.

I wouldn’t recommend playing on official servers and if you’re curious why, just read the plethora of threads talking about it. That way you at least have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself in to. XD

Yes but the OP said Xbox. I wpuld guess that Xbox servers at least let you report people for racist/disruptive text or language.

Additionally we’ve seen comments on say 3 to 5 specific servers tops. Many others out there habe no problems at all.

I’ve been playing on an official server with friends on Xbox. So far it’s been a fun experience, I suppose it depends on the server you choose though. We play PvE so I can’t speak for PvP servers.

I ONLY want to play PvE. Do you have room in your server for one more? If so, how can I find it? I would like to experience playing online and I guess now is as good a time as any.

Hadn’t heard, will read up though. Thanks for the heads up.

Is that seriously what’s happening?! Figures. I’ll keep and eye out.

Way at the bottom, double xp weekend on all official servers.

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Thanks for the info!!

If you were asking me, my friends and I play on official server 2727. Just type that number into the server list screen and it should come up.

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