Stat bonus gain on level up

Stat bonus gain on level up would help players build thier characters thier own way.

I was thinkin a +5 to each of thes stats on level 3 and higher. A plus 10 on level 2.

The stats are:

Health: Feels like your force to put points in health or you die.

Stamina: Feels like your force to put points in Stamina or you can’t. Stamina that is level up doesn’t effect the stamina regen stats.

Encumbrance: Encumbrance is carry weight. Encumbrance or carry weight add on each level up doesn’t eff the encumbrance stat perks.

Mana: If mana the fuel source of sorcery.

I feel chain and bound to a build than free to pick a build I want.

So far i can easily build my character like i want it to be by swapping around the gears i use and food i carry with me. Flat bonus stat gonna head toward just all around builds without any incentive to try to get better gears/food depending on what you’re going for.

Don’t want to spent too much in vitality you can take vitality armor (sobek armor) to spend you points somewhere else.
or just make decent food

Need to go farm stuff Witch doctor mask and a thrall / animal

I adapt my build and and gears depending of what my goals of the moments are and if you look up on google how peoples build their character you gonna find quite a variety of builds and choice all around.

I want stat bonus on level ups. Right now in offline single player I’m limited by forced builds.

You get even less limitations in single players since you could just go browse the steam workshop to get one of those mods adding bonus stats like this one or that one depending on the style you’re looking for. Or even use commands at that points. Other then that all the stuff mentioned in my previous answer do exist in solo too and is even easier to do since even in farming gear no players try to murder you.

This would increase the gap between level 60 and low level players even more.

No thank you. Just increase max level to 65 and remove temporary buffs like elixiers, warpaints etc.

Or just cap it at level 30 and make it 10 at Level 3/highers levels and plus 20 at level 2. Boom your gapping is reduce.

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