Steam Awards - Game of the Year

After 1742 hours played I’m nominating Conan Exiles for the Steam Game of the Year award.

It inspires creativity like no other game has for me.

I’ve lost track of just how many huts, homes, towns, cities and castles I’ve built in this game.

No game is perfect but this one does a whole lot to be praised for.

Thank you for making Conan Exiles Funcom.


With 1124 hours played I’m nominating it too.


In my opinion:

Let’s keep it real.

i easily tip the 2000+ more like 3000+

Good valeu for money, but then again…
i’ve seen to much bad things inhere to even remotely consider CE beeing the game of the year.
…This year.

The game is peppered with bugs and there is hardly improvement, if any.

Having said that, if all would improve ill be the first in line to nominate CE.


I would nominate. Every game has bugs. But overall I have spent hours mining rock to create even the most basic of structures.

ESO was a chore. Loved it. Meta killed it. But I lost 3 hours today just doing what I normally would considder chores.

I kinda like this game. Lol


1855 hours played here. Probably more time spent on CE than all my other titles combined. Going ahead and nominating it as well.

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I wouldn’t mind nominating CE, but not this year, maybe 2019 or 2020. Still not a polished game to me, and though I haven’t been playing in a few, I think it is one of the best games I’ve spent time on this year, but not to qualify as best game of 2017 tbh.


Yeah, I’d have to vote for CE for game of year. Only games I’ve ever played more of were Civ (mostly 1-4) and Skyrim. Even then, not as religiously as CE.

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For anyone into the Conan genre, Conan Exiles is the best (in my opinion of course).
2,000 hours playtime, but only since March 2017

I admit that I have strayed to other games now and again, but always come back to CE for overall game enjoyment. Even without the continued DLCs, I always have found exploring the regions epic. There are surprising numbers of hidden gems out there, if you take the time to look - and that tells me how much attention the Designers have spent on things. Epic. For interest, has everyone else also spotted the hidden treasure chests on top of many highest peaks - or the hidden features added to lakes?

Just the time and come-back value this game offers me, and the relative sticking to the Conan genre gets my vote. Thanks FunCom @ Jens_Erik

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We really appreciate you guys thinking of Conan Exiles for these Awards.
Thank you very much and thank you for being part of our community and your continuous support :slight_smile:


Thats a very good idea, I did the same now, good call and good luck!

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Definitely nominating it


I didn`t nominate it for Game of the year but I found there was a better Nomination for the Game, the “Labor of Love” one as I felt this was a better Nomination for it since I do feel like this is a great Labor of love created by the developers in my opinion despite the bugs and such as that is my 2 cents in this.


Despite all the little (or big) issues Conan Exiles has I have to second this thought.
I got 2420 hours from early EA onwards.
Sure I really didnt like a few changes and I highly dislike certain bugs and stuff like undermeshing, duping and all that kind of stuff - but when people decide to fight fair the game is fun to me.

The things which are the most fun to me are building eighter beautifully or having to deal with limits and then surpassing the expectations. When a cramped place fits a whole base and in the same time still doesnt seem overcrowded…

Also I too have been playing other games as well, but thats due to myself needing some change once in the while. Playing the same game for months does result in the game becoming boring at some point.


Nominated for sure! Good job to all the developpers!

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This was my GOTY as well, for ps4 game. (I got flack for it on few other forums…cause spider-man and god of war, rdr2 were “better” XD)

its 7 out of 10 game, that I hope gets more support. (and from what staff had pointed at, is)

Maybe i’ll get some skimp outfits. =p

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On a day of Crapulent Noms, I shall show my thanks by nom nom nominating Conan Exiles. Across my accounts I have almost 4,000 hours, including PC and PS4. I have never played a game like this, and I have never played a game like this, and that includes DOOM which is 25+ years old!

Great job, Funcom, through the highs and lows – I’m grateful for y’all and give thanks. Blessings to you!


I may create a steam account just to nominate as well. Even with the changes I don’t like… It is still probably one of my all time favorite games. (top 3 for sure)


This is exactly what I did too, game might be buggy but Funcom is trying to fix it, while adding a really nice new things to the already amazing game

The only game that has kept me this long was CoH.

Nothing else intrigues me.

If my Dad was still alive to see this setting he would litteraly shed a tear. Conan was his favorite. I think you did him proud in capturing the essence of the IP


I bought ps4 just to play conan. So for me this is defenitelly game of the year.