Steam not linked to My account

Ok, SO history, when i originally got TSWL i got it via steam, had some trouble logging in, and read that I had to use the online client so i did it, used it… now i want to sign up for Patron and i bought a bunch of expansions off steam, now i can log in via the client, but when i log in steam it shows no active characters… anyway to relink my team with my client?

I fixed the log in bug where it wouldnt let you connect with “incorrect log ins” basically its cause you saved your steam community password on a page and its autoloading the wrong password or username, go into your settings and delete that.

but for the other issue the non linked accounts, can someone help me?

We can certainly help you with this! Because I will need information that you should not share here, such as your account username, I would ask that you please contact us using one of the following sites:

We will be happy to assist you regardless of which of these sites you use.

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