Stelagel is going to play Barbaric mode at 0.2x XP rate

@stelagel likes doing challenges with picture / video updates :slight_smile:

So he’s going to play Barbaric mode at 0.2 XP rate for your entertainment! (and his!)

This is the only change:

Every other slider is barbaric mode default


Edit: Just to not spoil it with the new event stuff… You are not allowed to purchase Ancient Obolus weapons or slaves until level 40
and should you kill bosses before that, not allowed to use regular legendary weapons till at least 30 either.
This way you will get a sense of progression from iron / steel tier weapons and not get spoiled by all the temporary good stuff from coins :smiley:


There you go! added a note :smiley:

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Stelagel… Don’t take this the wrong way or anything mate, but… I worry about you sometimes… :grin:

Good luck! :grimacing:


I love you :star_struck::heart::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
I supose i have to remove my bracelet with these rates the soonest possible.
Every day i will play 90 minutes only!
My progression will be announced here.
I am very sure that this will be really good, i feel it in my bones!
Please @AndyB, consider to fix a section where members apply their role play stories with the difficulties and the rest try to make them. It’s very beautiful and create strong bond feelings, friendly feelings between the members. Just creative corner is “not enough”.
@Talyna, please publish your story :pray:t6:. It was awesome!


I wish you the best of luck Stelagel, I think it is a great idea :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for a while, this however will not be in singleplayer or on Exiled Lands, but rather on a private server that I have and currently not use for anything.
The map will be Savage Wilds with Hazards enabled(heatwaves, coldsnaps, eruptions of poison etc.), a few mods but mostly for decorations, one will however be a mod that adds roaming bandits(PvE Plus Ambush mod) instead of purge.
I am however considering a couple of changes besides vanilla Barbaric settings, the 0.2 xp player setting may add more longevity to the different stages before level 60, I see that as a big plus, but there are a couple of things that I will boost quite significantly, taming and thrall crafting speed(0.2x) + general crafting speed(2x), I consider thhese setting to not really interfere with the survival aspect since they only force people to wait longer and likely just have a lot of crafting stations instead to make up for a slow speed, and this is not really something I want :slight_smile:
Follower limit will be lower than official server, haven’t decided on the value just yet, also I will set a building limit and a set time before the server will be wiped and started over - I might end up being the only one who wants to play on such a server, but so be it :grin:

Oh and thank you Stelagel for all your great ideas to add some more challenge to the gameplay, I have my fingers crossed for you and will follow your journey :star_struck:


Is it weird that this post made me want to set up another server with these settings? Honestly kinda sounds like a fun challenge…


You should also make nights way longer than a day!

Record everything, cut it up and upload it to youtube :smiley:


Youtuber is a serious job that needs equipment and talent!
If you wish look at the video series @Kilix is fixing on YouTube.

Or ask @Wak4863 how much money he invested to create proper videos on YouTube.

I don’t have these talents, either the funds to invest. I am a simple console player who plays for fun! Hopefully i made friends in here and they give me reasons to play the game as like it the most and i am deeply grateful, deeply grateful really!
@Xevyr thanks again m8 once again!


This is my Normal setting. With most of exp mods at 0.2 or 0.3. Its like unpatched Conan Exiles basiclly.
Journey steps become important in leveling. Bosses still drop a chunk.
You’ll still hit lv30 fairly fast. And takes abit to push 60.


Yes, I agree, this feels like the “normal” progression speed where things make sense. I’m playing at 0.2 atm, my previous save, which I still have leveled up to 60 on 0.1 and unlocked most everything and did every dungeon etc. It was quite nice, though that felt a bit closer to a MMO (still more tame since MMOs tend to get crazy for the last few levels)


To me the journey towards end is fun part, also love using all building stuff.

Live servers… your in 40-50’s by time your ready start building-building. Your then just spamming multipy smelters and blacksmiths to turn out mass amount of resources you need for t3.

Always weird to me how Funcom kept boosting rates to get everyone lv60 faster.


Easier pvp! The levels and the gear counts on pvp fights. So in order to attract more people they tried this road i guess, just guess, nothing certain!

Then again, especially on PlayStation you will find zero pve servers with official settings, all of them are boosted, others slightly, others more. After all these years @LostBrythunian suggested me to try on Wak’s server and it seems official at least on Siptah that i play the last days.

So even now, that the game is so much easier, people choose more easy. But that’s how they find fun, can’t blame them for it!


'member when you had to be 60 to open legendary chests?
I 'member…


Ewww, lv60 limit =p

If I did set a rule… it be lv20-30. If you can get thralls and set up to drop world boss for a key.
You kinda desire the reward. XD

The armor stats and weapon selection is kinda meh… I find small uprades kinda just… meh.
Light armor has 2-6 on some pieces… and its like… why.
Heckyou can slap on 2-3 pieces of epic, slap on some bulk plate and get 300armor to your 22. And world Boss will still nibble 150 off of you. XD

Wish they’d adjust that out of anything.

Sadly thats one of those things I always cheat. Bulk Plating, Climbing gloves epic, Dismantle bench (still think this should be lower level, so you can break down all that gear your finding and have better use for it. ) and a Ice box at start of game… QoL. XD

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We all do. And the map was way more difficult since we hardly knew it, but legendary weapons existed in chests and bosses, except the skeleton key chests. We just didn’t knew and were afraid to give it a shot with low gear.

I have to start all over again :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I already finished the second episode without seeing this rule :person_facepalming:t3:. I went to the skitering cavern and killed the spider with a darfari stone axe and gained the Reaver’s axe and the nemedian hat.
So tomorrow i’ll restart.
Weapon progression you seek, weapon progression you’ll gain.
Rules are rules and must be obeyed. Thanks again :+1:t6:

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If I was doing a challenge run, not touching legendaries until 60 would just be a standard rule regardless any other rules or goals of the challenge (unless a specific goal of the challenge was to, for whatever reason, collect a legendary before level 60).

It’s supposed to be a challenge, isn’t it?


Oh no! :smiley:
As punishment we’re going to go with @Tephra 's rule above :slight_smile:
No legendaries… AT ALL till 60 :slight_smile:

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For additional challenge @stelagel you could limit the number of bedrolls you are allowed to use during the journey. Perhaps a cap of say 10 bedrolls? Just a passing thought.

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You have to permanently be using the juggle emote, though not while being attacked though, obviously, otherwise that would just be silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you :blush:.

Awesome, thanks a lot :metal:. I will create a little cabin and place these bedrolls in a small wooden chest. Whenever i place a bedroll, i cannot pick it up. Whenever i die, i reduce one life. If i die 10 times before the challenge ends, i lost.

Guys, in 7 hours from now i restart, PLEASE add difficulties

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