Still trying to get my first W

Im 30 hours in and only been playing on easy but havent tasted that sweet victory yet.
I made it to wave 21 but the seige weapons are OPed.
Here are some tips ive been using. Please feel free to give me some tips so i can win a game.
*Your hero can handle the first 3 waves so focus on economy
*Hovels over dwellings, no wood upkeep.
*Command tents over battle standards.
*Hunting shacks everywhere before farms
*First research is food then economy
*Stone walls by wave 11 or the fire prince will wreck you

Thats all i have, even tho i have 2 markets and 70 to 80 hovels. I usually dont have the resources for the upgraded units and heavy defenses. Maybe thats why i always lose but the batting rams treat stone walls like paper anyway so i dont know if it matters.
Cant wait til a huge rebalancing patxh cause me and a friend bought this game and are not having a lot of fun.

use cavalry for siege weapons it’s what I do and they are good vs the fire prince, don’t need stone walls by 11 if you have horsemen

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detailed help

Hello! There is some great content available on Youtube from experienced players who manage to beat the odds, so we’d suggest watching their gameplay videos in order to learn some advanced strategies. :wink:

Also, playing towards unlocking Feats is always a solid choice!

I agree with DonRob1408!
Still trying to get my first W.
Please consider adding an easier level for co-op play. My friend and I we just keep losing. It’s not good for newbies to just keep losing again and again and again. This can be very discouraging. Better is to have an easier level that newbies can soon win, and then as they have seen what a full game looks like, then they can ratchet up the difficulty.