Stonerune UI - anyone can update?

Hi all,

Anyone still use Stonerune UI who knows how to fix it for the latest patch that Funcom dropped on us and could put a link to it in the forums?
this latest patch has reverted my UI to default and it sucks of course… not fun trying to get ready for a raid (t6 in this case) in 30minutes with UI I know I don’t like to use … and haven’t used since about 2014…
or point me towards a custom UI which works …preferably with multiple bars at the bottom of the screen

T6 and don’t know to use default UI… GG

just patch it with aoc ui installer and its good

Thanks Fireblow, that worked … I had completely forgotten about needing to do that when AoC is updated as well it’s been so long since any changes they made affected my UI …
Edit: well it’s brought back my hotbars at least … but I’m not sure about vanity weapons or other stuff yet … but my immediate issue of being able to raid immediately with my normal set up was solved.

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Hmm, I see red skulls on all npc’s and players. I use strangeui and I tried to patch it several times without luck.
Messed with this so long ago that I don’t even remember how it all worked. Well now I deleted the customUI folder and reinstalled again. everything looks fine except for those skulls.

So I wonder if I am using an outdated strangeui. As far as I remember, the last time it got updated was when saga of zath launched.
Is the latest version still that one linked on the old forum?

@Barrywight this will work for StrangeUI. I was working on a post for this but @Eskiath beat me to it :slight_smile:

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Well thank you very much! It worked! :slight_smile:

to bad my AoC UI installer doesnt work for some reason, deleted it and reinstalled it again but no luck.

have you linked the location of Age of conan into the AoC installer since you re-installed it?

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