Stop Locking Modders Out

Really though, it’s getting old. I get the not wanting people to play with your paid DLC content without paying but the game wouldn’t be NEARLY as successful without the modding community. Locking out options like the new faces and other things like that doesn’t do anything for the game but disappoint the community that has rallied around these modders and their mods for a game that, otherwise, has a still Alpha feel like Funcom decided that big PP physics were more important than diversity of content.

Letting your game flourish, I imagine would be more beneficial in the long run.
Sky could be the limit as the platform itself is great, but the delivery is sloppy.

Just out of curiosity, are you a modder yourself? It seems like every time this topic pops up, it’s always someone who isn’t actually a modder asking for something that modders already understand isn’t viable.

At any rate, here’s the previous discussion on that, feel free to read what some of the modders said:


I imagine getting payed for work you do, being more beneficial in long run.

Some people are willing to pay to support game instead of relaying on modders… 2 of 3 platforms CE is on, Don’t even have Mods.

Modders can always make there own hair styles… and you can get it free. Why not pay them for there work?
Mod can add life to a game, sometimes even fix stuff… sometimes, Game Devs will never fix-add stuff, cause there mod for it… -_-’

Goes both ways… I’ll never see some of Mods they show cased on my ps4.
I pretty much at mercy of them, and have cash ready for new stuff they do. =3 (And that i don’t like… I don’t buy)

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Just to addon to what Codemage was saying, take a look at the link he posted and read what Multigun (one of those guys who makes mods that pretty much every modded server uses at least one of his mods) has to say about DLC content being modded.

I’d reckon that while he doesn’t speak for 100% of modders. Its pretty much on the high side of 90%.

And one of my own mods was thwarted in part by the addition of DLC stuff that I couldn’t touch. It meant that I had to balance entirely around their values instead of replacing everything. As he said, over the last three years we’ve learned to just deal with it and move on and make better stuff.

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Not of any kind of renown no while I mess around in the devkit I still am learning, thanks for giving me this to read.

I honestly wish, for the player base, that there was some access to things like that for the sake of inclusivity for the people who do have those DLC and that because of the lack of access some mods end up as sort of… half accessible? Like the RA drop for instance today- works on basegame only faces and not the siptah ones.

It’s a complicated matter because of the way things are set up and really I’m just waving my hands in the air hopelessly but you know, it feels nice to say something about it sometimes.


I have all the DLCs because I’m the kind of person who collects things I don’t even really need or want because I love digital goodies because you can horde those w/o having A&E television called on you :anguished:

No, dude, thank you for taking the time to read that discussion :slight_smile:


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