Stream snip toxic

Good morning,
Is it possible to punish stream sniping when it’s done in a toxic way?
Example, it’s been about an hour that I’ve been followed and killed even though I have nothing on me and they know it, they’re just trying to harm my gaming experience, I have possible proof being given that I am live and that I can make clips etc.
Thanks in advance !

Thats why theres a stream mode in game, to hide the server youre playing on

Ok but that’s no use really, when we arrive on a server people look at twitch because they’re used to it, now maybe we should punish this kind of thing when it’s abusive, I don’t care that It’s a little stream snipe, it kills me once but when I’m camped for 1/2 hour it’s harmful!

Ohh well, i didnt know that you can see others twitch in game, anyways preventable or not they should be punished

That’s why I’m asking the question because I don’t want to have fun making a compilation in a report so that it’s not even taken into account

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