Suggestion: 100% Shelter Wind and Rain animation

Hi, i know.

Perhaps this is asking to much and it is years in the Game, but…

While i have 100% Shelter (Mod show it), my cloths still bend to the wind of the Storm inside my House and i bet even the Rain drops (if ever should rain on Isle of Siptah) would hit the ground.

Is there any chance to modify it so that at 100% the wind and rain stay outside for the immersion?


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topic has been discussed with devs, short answer is: it won’t change because it would require major system overhaul and is impossible with current

PS rain won’t show, stormwind won’t show, wetness shader will stay and so cloth physics
PPS afaik there is no rain on the Isle

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so an

If shelter =>100% then Wind not blowing and stop rain

command line is to much to ask? Okay
they already have the Shelter check bubble, it already look at the surrounding, why not combine it further?

i know, if you just stand under a roof protected from the Rain, and look out you would see no Rain at all and one step out the Rain is back. I get you point, but while not use the building foundation block check before the Rain or Wind hit something? They also use some sort of Map blocks to prevent players building at some space. use it also to block Wind and Rain

They have the pieces, just combine them

Ok, i end this now. it would be nice if its possible


It will require actually spending some time and money to a system that will be part of vanilla game and wouldn’t bring any money.
So it’s just ignored.

It bothers me the island has never got any rain…

True, but there seems to be a lot that Funcom just doesn’t care about as well and this seems to be company philosophy.
At least since Age of Conan they have not been able to design a proper interface. As a student more than 20 years ago I did design better user experiences… and my focus is actually backend.
In my opinion a clunky interface can do as much harm as a bad game itself. Starting at a bad first impression, that turns off players before they even get to experience things that they might like about the game up to diminishing the happiness that one should feel while playing.

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me too I’m tempted to try and tweak it in my mod, but I’ll wait til funcom is done with the map, there still may be official rain on island

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Indeed. The dominant impact of the Maelstrom overall really makes me miss both sun and rain quite often.


Ghost and move into a cliff. It’s raining in there, same as Exiled Lands.

it’s pretty easy on dev side to do, but afaik currently there is desert volume allover the map and that prevents rain from ever happening, it’s probably due to how maelstrom takes over the sky so if weather did that too it would make mess they didn’t resolve yet, or ever intend to

I’ve seen rain


I really have never seen this, the server I play on crashes a lot of the time, maybe got stuck in the clear sky cycle :stuck_out_tongue:

You play on official or modded server?

Private Vanilla.

never saw rain on island,
so a little test
tried to admin force it and did not work, but when I ghosted as suggested I didn’t even have to clip terrain, my forced storm kicked in instantly and reverted instantly when I removed admin ghost

PS I did it during maelstrom combined effects of regular thunderstorm and maelstrom gave gruesome visuals

edit: @Ignasis can we have official word on non-maelstrom weather on Siptah Map? is it planned feature?


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