Suggestion: Add PVP in restricted areas

Because now many players are playing PVE, not that they don’t like PVP, but that the current PVP mode is defective, that is, if players go off line or go online less (such as office workers), they will worry about their home being found and demolished at any time, so without a sense of security, they simply do not play PVP. But time-limited PVP can not solve this problem, so be sure to design a limited area of PVP or similar competitive battlefield, so that everyone is still safe outside. It can be used for war, just like the PVP battlefield, with a fast pace, rewards and punishments. Hard designer.

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One thing I’d think would be awesome, was an arena in the style of what they showed off the Aquilonian (Jewel of the West, I believe) dlc with…
With only the arena floor itself, not the spectator booths, enabling pvp. Not sure if it’d be difficult or something to make though :slight_smile:

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This s actually a good idea, really, I would like to see that in PvE servers, but at the same time it makes me wonder if something like this would have a negative impact on PvP servers.

I agree that this would be a great idea for pve servers. I’m not a huge PvP player but it would be nice to be able to fight if both sides were willing.

You could add the option “challenge to a duel” to the radial menu. If the other party accepts then player damage is turned on til one of you dies or cancels the duel.

Not sure how easy it would be to have player damage switched on in specific locations only…

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Perhaps they could if it was added it as a dungeon location then it would be a feature on all server types … those who dislike PvP wouldn’t have to go into the dungeon.
If planned correctly there could be a spectators section if you didn’t want to PvP but observe only.
Just ensuring that it couldn’t become an ambush point when you zone in would be an issue …

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