Suggestion: Bring back faction deck vanity!

Hey there funcom forums! Old TSW player from way back in 2015 onwards. Recently came back to the game with a friend in hopes of experiencing the awesome story again! Back in the day, we had some very nice faction cosmetics in both the form of the PVP sets along with the faction deck uniforms! I always found those to be some of the best vanity sets in the game, really providing a good aesthetic for the factions’ identities. In my return, I’ve found that they have been mostly taken out or gutted into the unlocks you get for completing the weapon trees!

To keep it to the point, I’d love to see the original faction deck vanity returned so both new players and returning players can unlock them without having to installed various cosmetic mods and legacy transfer them over. They are, obviously, still within the game as with the right mods you can wear them!

This could easily be integrated in the form of just new vanity to buy from your respective faction HQ, a ‘faction armor pack’ aurum buy, or something to that avail. I hope other people agree and want to see some of the awesome art direction of the original game brought back over!


I would also love for there to be some way for players who were not around for earning them in TSW’s PvP to unlock those faction uniforms.

As far as returning players though, you should be able to get the TSW PvP outfits you’d unlocked through the cosmetic vanity transfer.

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