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The draw in to play Conan isn’t pulling enough. It needs something that’ll help new comers lean into the lore and learn the mechanics along the way. Albeit it’s a survival game and you’re supposed to learn things/figure things out but there are many ways to pull in attention while learning. Then the rest the player can figure out on their own.
The dreading mechanics of having to gather every single thing is honestly probably one of the biggest killers to the game. Not having any sort of encouragement to sell or trade, is also a big killer. There has to be some kind of incentive to trade/market in servers to garner interest.

Feedback suggestions;

  1. Peon Thrall; have a select thrall gather in a specified area, such as just outside the house to gather in said area to fill up on trees, stone or even >fishing<. Yes. Fishing should be definitely in the game other than traps! So little two in one on that suggestion. Not only would it ease some player’s gathering suffering but it’d assist in fishing food or hunting in such area. Whilst this thrall slaves away at home, you can go enjoy the adventures of gathering more mid to high tier things, things that may not be around your homely boundaries or seeking the story’s lore.

2)Thrall profession leveling; Like combat thralls, allow the profession thralls level up their skills over time just like in real life. With practice, comes perfection! Also, let the dancers teach us some dance moves. That’d be a nice little bonus to havin’ them.

  1. Breeding! All of the creatures we have in stables, animal pens, all standing around as generic regs or greaters whilst they show an obvious gender that could benefit for breeding. Not only would this start in trend of seeking different kind of better stats, colors, status (reg or greater or something else?), it’d also generate a market for player trading/AH.

  2. Fishing. Kind of a basic addition but sometimes we just like to relax on the porch or the side of a beautiful river/ocean and just fish. The bait’s available, why not have a fishing ability? It may be something preferable waiting on something to burn or hearing the thralls groan and whine as they push around the rosie wheel converting. As an addition to this, maybe let us pick up rabbits and have rabbit pens for breeding/harvesting meat purposes.

  3. Musical instruments; Using the numbers on keyboard we could tug at strings to make some music or perhaps have a thrall use the instrument to strum a beautiful violin or a brass accordion.

  4. Boats! With all the flotsam in the recent expansion, it made me wonder. Despite not venturing too much in the open water (with not much reason to do so), the Isle of Siptah has given more incentive to want boats. A raft or even a small boat would do. Another addition in taking in the view on the open waters with a fishing pole in hand.

  5. Pets and pet rebalancing.
    -Think the pets need a small rebalance. Seeing between a lynx and saber, the lynx ends up having more hp. A hyena alone ends up being more tanky it seems as well. May need to come back to this.
    -Let the horses/rhinos have a kick/kick around if attacked. Something simple for when they’re attacked. Any horse in the world would respond to a wolf or as such with a swift rear kick or flail. Just little spice of life to add while fighting. Or even a kickback that’d knock out an opponent or deal a good deal of unconscious.
    -More mounts please! A giant wolf or tiger to ride, that’d be a beauty <3
    -As well as more natural colors. For all animals. Allow some customization for the horses hair, too please.
    -Small pet companion please~ the turtles and dogs are cute, maybe add in rabbits, snakes, birds and cats?

  6. Customization; Skin colors, body pulling such as stomach, buttocks, more sliders in general. The customization is pretty, but it could really make due with adding more sliders for more options in different people. Rather than the same base (male, female) body. Over and over again.
    On the same topic, let us paint on ourselves, each other or hell even on our thralls/pets! Let us be able to make our own custom warpaints. I’m sure some others, myself included, would love to doodle/paint and save them onto paper.

  7. Building; the barrels and the cupboard, make them have storage capability. It’d add for more flavor/spice of life to actually be used other than decor. Plus it just makes sense. Beds should provide assistance in healing. Even a little, slowly over time resting over such comfort. Let notes be “pinned” to the wall. Candles sitting in window seals. Beds that are double should allow 2 people to bind to it minium. Bit selfish isn’t it? All to one?

  8. Misc things;
    -Remove the boundary of having thralls distanced from each other. I don’t know the reasoning for having the distance between each thrall, can’t think of any, all in all, it’s annoying.
    -Ability to open gates while mounted.
    -Allow us to dye saddles or objects.
    -Being able to autorun mounted properly. Rather than… stopping every time you open inventory. Or something else.

Overall, these kind of things really should be included in the game originally rather than forcing players out to seeking mods then evidently leaving the game altogether due to lack of interest in the game originally due to such.
Mods shouldn’t make up for the majority of what a game is lacking. Not everyone wants to play SP/Co-op or want to play on a private server. Nor should any dev be trying to push people away by saying, “isn’t there a mod for that?”. That’s just bad business.
This isn’t saying mods are bad as sometimes they can really make the game wonderful. However, if a mass majority of players are playing with mods, then where does that leave for the game’s server population/interest?

This game is really enjoyable and has potential to be much more than what it is now. I really hope to see it keep growing and keep trying! You guys have done such great work so far, stay safe and survive!

PS. Post may be updated in future for additional suggestion/feedback :slight_smile:


There was defiantly some stuff that I’m glad you brought up cause I totally forgot. :joy::joy: but yeah, I couldn’t agree more it seems like the majority of people giving suggestions are on the same page!

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You have some nice ideas. Likelyhood of it happening other than with mods low. not going to happen other than a couple. Probably not even possible for consoles. Sounds good would be interesting for pve.

I truly hope they look over our ideas. It’d pull in a larger, new audience and more than likely keep their interest. Gods know this game would certainly benefit from them. Glad I could help add in some of the filler! xD


I’ve no doubt that a large amount of them are probably already mods, a few I’ve even seen myself. But personally I’ve no interest in such and prefer to enter in the game official servers themselves. Unfortunately, some of it being bit lack luster. Although leaves great room for additional potential! Some of it may not happen, but I can certainly hope that since they said they’re not really spoken in the forums but they do read them, that perhaps, just maybe, there’s a smidge of hope in that they’ll see some of the wonderful ideas that players have and be able to add it to the list. I mean, once upon a time, they said no mounts and yet. Here we are! Lovely riding across the map on horseback. I couldn’t imagine the game without them really. Aside of all the rambling - apologies -, I’ve seen many other survival games do similar types or ways of listing. Ark, Subsistence, Atlas, I could probably name some more but brain’s blanking. But either way, they’ve all got some kind of pull that either generates new interest, keeps it, or they go away and then come back. With the same engine, despite some coding differences, I definitely see room to add such things!


Oh man, these would be so great !

I’d just add please let us choose our fighter thralls’ perks because having a top tier be destroyed by survival and archer perks kills me every time

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