Suggestion for Combat of Weapons and armors

Personally, I’ve been playing Conan for 1000+hours.what i most like part in Conan is the fighting and collecting armors. as we all know, there are all kinds of weapons in the game and each of them has its advantage and disadvantage but as my personal experiences in this game, the spear is the most used weapon and it has its dominating advantage than others weapon that its too long and it can easily chase players and poke their back until they die even players wearing the heavy armor, which badly influenced the balance of armor, because players wearing heavy armor cannot dodge further than the medium or light armor.
Moreover, i have some suggestions for two-handed hammer. i think the combo of two-handed hammer is really good but its too slow. if i swing a weapon too slowly, can i do anything except being attacked? (joking way). if it can swing as fast as great sword dose that would be better.
please list your Suggestion here ↓ for weapon or armor.

Check out the testlive patchnotes. I havent yet checked it the gameplay myself, but the notes are really interesting. For a lot of things! (Cant decide which is my favorite.)

I can’t wait for that

instead of fixing the problems with pvp “lets nerf the most used weapon”

What about the stamina glitching , racism, oblisk blocking, brimstone blocking, griefing,undermeshing, poor game mechanics and the even poorer single core “game thread” unreal engine

But lets nerf the spear!!

Stamina glitch -> Bug. Maybe refreshing a report on that helps?
I for myself neighter know of, nore enforce glitches to happen for me.
Okay, sometimes I’m luring something into lava… :joy:

Brimstone blocking - I see no suggestion or bug report on that. Maybe someone should suggest a no build zone for the entire brimstone sea?

Obelisk blocking is a hard one. I see only one way: limit building. They wont do that for sure. (Aside of official servers getting admins.)
You got an idea?

They are trying to deal with undermeshing. I think both with the buggy fix yesterday and the testlive one.

As for racism and griefing… Unfortunately thats up to the server communities. Or join some private server with an admin who deals with that? Or you could mute+report them on steam.
Want to know something funny?
Once some people went nuts and provoked a ton of german players by calling every german a ■■■■. Didnt sit well with people so those idiots got raided off the server. Btw. No poison orbs/poison arrows used. (ok, thats a nasty joke.)

What do you mean by “poor game mechanics”?

They cant do anything about the engine I think. Not sure though. That’s up to Epic? (May be wrong on that?)

That’s illegal, but i think they have already fix the obelisk blocking in the old patch, now we can’t build near obelisk.problem is it need more area not to build.
the bug of stamina glitching should be fixed i think, but if you play private server that will make you feel better.

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