Suggestion For More Outposts/Strongholds

It would be great if there were some NPC forts, stronghold and castles that could be raided to break up the map emptiness. Add a Elder Thing Protection Faction like the Silent Legion that manages them and harvests the humans that drop from the surges. Have them round up the humans and then imprison them for sacrifice. You could raid the strongholds to free them and gain thralls that way. Also could use them to launch purges against the player bases. It would add a feasible ecology to the surges and make the map less static which is a major problem of exiled lands.


I second this suggestion. Give PvE something to do with trebs and explosives (besides farming star metal nodes). Give us some enemy strongholds to raid (full castles or forts or something whether its a simple wooden stockade or a Roman style villa or a Motte & Bailey or an elaborate stone castle in a decayed state or something besides some enemies that just stand around waiting for interaction).

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