Suggestion for religious events

I like events but I want them to be within the Conan universe.
One thing I would like to see is religious events. Or religious quest if you like.

For example, clans/players with a T3 altar for Yog dreams a strange dream. Yog is talking to them. Every night in the game they dream that dream or hear that voice. The voice or images tell about a mad traveller. They must see that traveller. Finding the traveller is one thing. Perhaps a riddle. The traveller then gives them a book, a recepie. Then they must collect material for that recipie and build whatever the recepie is about. Perhaps a flesh golem. There can only be one winner so different clans that pray to Yog must all compete for his blessing.
Other clans, that pray to a different diety, must stop the Yog worshipers. Sort of capturing the flag. One side trying to collect an item and bring it the the altar and the other side trying to protect the item or to steal it themselves.

Those who win get visted by the god and those present receives a blessing. Perhaps a +5/+10 on the prefered stats of the god for 24h or a holy item. Or that the blessing is to withstand the effect the god is coming with. Perhaps a global sandstorm that is extra servere. The clan that wins also get reputation, sort of a leader board, telling which clan is the most faithful on that server.

Those who lose get cursed by the god. Perhaps staggered for 1 h. Or attacked by the creatures of the god. Like a purge.

To be eligable for the quest should only be applicable for clans that have a clear religious path. Ie must have a T3 altar.

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