[SUGGESTION] Maintaining bench, claim flag

Lol, I get you.

But I’m probably an exception, I don’t make or I make very little steel, so I don’t have surplus leather.
I farm steel instead, just by making rounds in the northern EL I can gather 100-200 steel bars in less than an hour.

Bowls and such I dismantle for the raw mats. The janky legionaries and random limbs? those I could see feeding to an up keep system.

If we agree to disagree, I’ll let it drop here as well.

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Hmm, wonder where you got THAT idea… :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically, a script that uses an if / then type of set up to execute any of the game actions.
set up randomizer from 1-20, then tie the if equals to whatever random number in that range and execute that controller/mouse command. Do it 8n a 5x5 area, and It would look like a spastic monkey was playing your game. But the more random, the harder to pinpoint as a macro.

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regarding block limit - max amount of flags can be adjusted or, like someone mentioned - building pieces can prolong landclaim but only if theres a flag connected to structure. so it will act something like heart of whole base.