Suggestion: Make fence foundation / ceiling stacking easier?

It is working as intended, just like placing followers was working as intended. And yet, they changed the follower system to implement a limit, because people were using it in a way that affected official servers in an unsustainable way.

At no point did Hugo claim that they would consider changing its designation (i.e. whether it’s a bug/exploit) in the future. He said that “the developers are aware of this”, where “this” denotes fence foundation stacking, and that “should there be an opportunity to revise the building system it will definitely be considered”, where “it” denotes fence foundation stacking.

In other words, the developers are not as uninformed as some people think they might be, and they will keep fence foundation stacking in mind when revising the building system.

No, it’s not. It has been confirmed by Funcom that it’s not an exploit. Go look up any definition of software exploit, and then go look up the post by Hugo that @Mefistos already linked earlier in this thread.

It’s perfectly possible to continue the conversation and go on arguing without denying facts. The claim that this is an exploit has been proven factually incorrect, so can we please move on?