Suggestion: More Aloe

Just a simple suggestion since the game is in early access:

Add Aloe to the waterlogged crates’ loot table. Starting characters need more aloe with the new changes to the healing mechanics.


Yes, this would be nice.

We need more crystal too, only one good spot for nodes and only able to pick them up around leylines.

We filled up on aloe with two trips. Up one river, around one lake.

You need 10 aloe and some fibers to make a bandage. You can find a 6 aloe in your very first chest and not find any in hours to come, turning those 6 aloe leafs into wasted inventory space. Occasionally finding a bandage or two would be much more beneficial.


Hours? How?!

Pick a river. Any river. I had a full stack of aloe within the first two hours of play. And that’s because I spent a lot of time exploring – you can get a full stack in less than an hour.

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