Suggestion: Mount Leveling, Stats, and Perks

Knowing that mounts are planned to be added to the game after the launch of 1.0, I was thinking of how to make the game more in-depth with existing or planned-to-be existing features. Mounts came to mind. Most of the games I’ve played that have had mounts, had rather simple mounts. A player could capture or purchase a mount and it would have standard run speeds (or even a ‘sprint’ run speed option). But wouldn’t it be nice to have a mount that you could ‘level’ and ‘train’ for specific needs? Just like the player, what if the mounts had stats, too? For example, mounts could have Vitality (health increases for surviving combat), Grit (stamina increases for longer run times - sprinting), Strength (for the mount’s combat ability - yes, I’m thinking of mounted melee combat that the animal can do, not just the player’s weapons), and Encumbrance (for ‘pack mules’ and carrying all that loot back to base). Like players, mounts could “level” based on combat or travel time (actual use, not just sitting in a base doing nothing). The more frequently the player uses a mount, the more experience it gets and the more it levels up (to provide points to be spent on its stats). And like the Testive build is using, for each 10 points spent on a stat, the mount would gain a perk. This would further allow players an incentive for some unique mount builds and customization.

PS: And if its not too much trouble, I would like to request both horses and rhino mounts (with whatever else has been planned). A standard horse would be good for a ‘first mount’ option (very common and easily obtainable), but fully charging on an exotic mount like a Black Rhino with heavy barding (armor) into the outer wall of an enemy’s base to put a hole in it (or even shattering a Sandstone wall) would be totally awesome!

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I am looking forward for my camel, aiming to build a carwan transporting my goods between my bases.

Leveling up my camel will give me hopefully more transport capacity.

:scream: But I’m anxious about murderous and blood thirsty pvp guys like @Polarbear_Igloo (:wink:) who will definitely try to rob my carawans. I have to look for some support troops - I will pay in gold :innocent:


It’s a good idea. Capturing and training mounts will be more fun than just purchasing them from a vendor.

I also like a pet/companion idea where you have a saber tooth tiger or a wolf pack following you.

Going up north to track a good Sabertooth Cat mount sounds like fun. Or better yet, a Woolly Mammoth for base raiding. :sunglasses:

Great ideas Here, some are coming. I like the idea of putting some points into pet, mounts[still hoping months later] or thralls to gain encumbrance or strength or survival, etc. Ever since I played Assassin’s Creed Origins I have been wanting to ride a camel in Conan Exiles!