[Suggestion][Officials Usable][PC, All Consoles][PvP (PvE?)] Transfer Portal Fatigue

Many names that could be used for it as long as they refer to the transferring characters from server to another which I assume obviously with this suggestion has a lore parallel (Siptah is one I could think of off the top of my head) I simply went with Portal Fatigue.

To combat official server locusting , slow down really until we have more defense structures and assets, I would like to propose some sort of diminishing of character ability beyond inventory that is already in place in the Encumberance restrictions. Though I understand that the diminishing effect could/can not be too severe as to make the character unplayable.

I hesitantly add PvE to this suggestion for consistancy of lore on the modes. Would it fit on other server types also or be seen as a unneeded like it is/would be on PvP servers ?

Given that you can transfer every 7 days and it doesn’t take nearly that long to decimate the server for only on clan of top geared players is the seven days meant to be the sole restriction to these server emptying groups ?

Ideas (and, or, random, separate, combined?) :

  • 50% corruption upon entering from a transfer - Reasoning (lore) : Possibly because of the vast distance possibly traveled which would be much further than between obelisks in the Exiled Land.

  • Unable to focus enough to place bombs for 3-4 days after transferring same with God token use . Reasoning (lore): Confusion from the long journey and magics involved that cause focus to be lost for a time .

  • Certain items and/alloys dissolve or become less stable (lost hp or durability) - Reasoning (lore) : Changes in the magic fields surrounding different areas maybe, even a consequence of your slave (bracelet) status making the journey without a Master (giant kings).

I am sure more ideas could be added to the list. Thoughts ? Ideas ?

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Any other ideas to prevent or atleast slow down server locusting ?

My question would be, has anybody actually witnessed or been affected by "server locusting’ yet? I have not seen any complaints on this forum about it. (Does not mean it did not or will not happen )

Possibly the sad shape the PVP Official servers are in already, with low numbers of players has discouraged it?

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Honestly, I am surprised to hear that it has not hit the forums yet. Server Locusting is very similar to server wiping with the difference of leaving the server only to come back if and when the server rebuilds.

I have been on many servers with whole clans who have said that after the transfers players are either locusting or body vaulting in preparation of locusting or surviving one.

Yes, I have as had any formally full server that gets emptied out by a group for 20+ that can siege a server with numbers on officials (max 40/40 players) with the equipment of mulitple servers and ultra secure body vaults.

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