Suggestion: Pin post on how to file a Zendesk Report

Dear Admins @Ignasi
Please consider adding a pinned post to the top of the Conan Exiles forums detailing how to file a Zendesk report. The current pinned posts are the following:

I feel this would help cut down the number of posts asking how to go about filing a Zendesk report by putting a tutorial front and center for players to see along with a direct link to the Zendesk system. Within the tutorial pinned post, I also suggest that links to the TOS along with the new thread on building posted by @Umborls to help players see examples of building infractions that they may be considering reporting.

If any players have other ideas or advice on creating such a tutorial post, please comment on your ideas on this thread so we may better assist our community. I understand the pinned thread titled " Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures" has Zendesk Info, however, it’s not front and center on the main page as it should be.

Thank you all, sincerely,
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Funcom Conan Exiles Zendesk report file:


It already is pinned…

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True, but it’s not really made clear, just calling it procedures.

Having a pinned topic referring to Zendesk would likely direct more people there straight away.


If people would take the time to read the pinned posts here and on the steam conan discussion area then they would know how to file the report but most people do not bother to take the time to see if they can find the answer on their own, they just make a new post.

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