Suggestion: Repeatable PvP quest

In my opinion the biggest issue age of conan currently faces is the fact that in order to get to a competitive level in pvp you have to grind pvp and pve for hundreds of hours. The average player that is pvp focused likely quits before they ever make it to a competitive level. I think this could be alleviated with a repeatable pvp quest.

Task: Participate in 1 hour of pvp
Reward: 2 expertise points (4 if subbed), 1,000 pvp xp (2,500 subbed), 100,000 (200,000 subbed) prowess xp, 250,000 prowess crate, 1,000 pvp xp skull, 1 campaign badge (2 if subbed), 25 conquest trophies ( 50 if subbed )

The quest would be added to your quest journal when you enter combat if you do not currently have the quest.

When you are hit or you hit someone in pvp a 1 minute timer will start (if the timer is running the timer will reset). Every second the timer runs will work towards the 1 hour
pvp goal.

These rewards would incentivize running store xp potions, keeping your account subscribed, and playing multiple characters as leveling up and progressing AA in pvp will become much less time consuming.

This quest could breathe life into fury and the pvp we are doing all across the game world.


:clap: give :clap: all players :clap: t1 pvp gear :clap: for free :clap: when they hit level 80 :clap:


Even an minimum amount of aa along the way to 80 would be nice while non-subbed…like it’s now with prem, just double the amount with prem, so new players checking the game out could at least put some stuff in their aa, rewards should rly be adjusted to the current situatiuon to benefit the game…

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That AA matter is the biggest ladder to climb, since the more PvP you do, the more skilled you become. I believe AA leveling should come along as you PvP.

For example this PvP event, i refuse to participate as much as the last one because i know i wont see much performance difference in terms of DPS output and if it takes you longer then 20 seconds to disable an enemy in PvP group content it’s a failed fight.

  • That’s an issue because with lack of AAs your dmg output no matter how much you push and proc it, lacks a certain ‘‘Threshold’’ depending on opponent Evade/ Immunity or Critigation and Mitigation.
    I don’t know if there is a real Threshold but if your opponents ability to resist dmg is at max, then your ability to deal dmg should be at max as well to create a ‘‘balance’’ That’s even more of an issue if your ability to resist dmg is not at max, but your opponents ability to deal dmg is at max.

So it can be overwhelming.

  • One of the first problems someone will encounter, is the Snare resistance. I still remember it with 0 ranks. 1-2 hits = Tottaly slowed down. Not able to move = Dead in PvP + Impossible to practice movement. And that’s something you experience the whole time.
    I only saw difference, once i got 3 ranks into the first Snare resistance perk and 2 ranks into the second. And 3 Ranks into Invigoration so you have energy left to run. Tada! Finally able to move!

So you have to do more PvE/ RF etc. to boost AAs and come back next Event to enjoy Hours of PvP and see how you perform with your new tools.

Fury PvP app is the solution!
Lack of PvP focused fresh Population is the problem.

I myself look at PvP event player search options and it’s always same opponents there anyway. And i know with whom i have a chance of real competition and with whom i don’t. As a result i usually enter only ‘‘Group fights’’ or when i want to ‘‘Test my skill and practice’’

Edit: At this rate of AA leveling, it can be discouraging for most. I believe they get more discouraged because at first they don’t have the equipment. Once you get the PvP T1 set, sure you are still a newbie, but once you have some basic AAs, you start to become an asset in group content, even if just a ‘‘Minuteman’’ So the T1 set, once you get some basic AAs. it does help alot.

T1 gear =) 80lvl ding you not full AA like all others is so pvp T1 gear not help…

What this does is actually incentivize pvping. Currently the way these pvp quests work players do the quest then they log off because they either cant compete with who is on or they aren’t being rewarded. This quest will reward everyone that chooses to pvp. I think that would be great.

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There are some Veterans who have taken the liberty to arrange some group content during the event, with the hopes to distribute low level players in groups with high level players and create ‘‘balanced fights’’ doesn’t always work and unfortunately not many of the low leveled players enter.

I believe they need motivation…
AA boost comes with the quests and pvp rank as well and trophies. If you win of course.
Problem is ‘‘Too few participate’’ I only ever see 3-4 fresh players at best during the event. Don’t know about the current one. Too busy trying to max Desicive Strikes.

I lack critical change by alot and VoM procs only the more you hit, but sometimes you try to proc and it will and sometimes it doesn’t…
So you need good crit as DT. Problem is once you have it can be balanced, or VoM might make it too OP! And then everyone else starts having the problem. It’s ‘‘Controversial’’

As a noob myself, i don’t even bother attacking fresh players even if they have T1 set, once you get 2 hits at them and see health dropping like crazy, you immediately notice the unbalanced gap. That’s a no go for me, PvP must be challenging not easy kills. I rarely found any but i did sometimes. Many of those wont continue.

Good suggestion, I got 0 AA levels from about 15 hours of world pvp


And Bori would give you 5+ full Prowess XP leveling in 15 Hours. That’s so wrong…

How that got?^^

It should just be how Guild Wars does it

Irrespective of gear, you should just have base “pvp” only stats.

Progression should be in the form of a ranked seasons, where prizes can be won for certain thresholds of placement. Whether it be titles, cool one off mounts, vanity, pets etc…


yup, either you make everyone have same stats or you help newbies to gather aa/gear quickly to catch up with vets

i mean people could just agree to play on characters with a limited AA pool for pvp, especially considering there are only like 20 pvpers left in the game. you’re never going to get funcom involvement in this stuff. then again, the community would rather spend most of its time with their finger up their ■■■ farming noobs than do something fun. rather than adapt and become better players, people just want to feel superior

the sad truth is that there’s aboslutely nothing fun about playing low AA characters against vets, because the bonuses all stack up to form some very lucrative stat disparities.

the other sad truth is that deep down, most vets (even those that advocate AA equality) want that advantage. its why you see people only play maxed out characters, refuse to play in t1, and then even in t1 only play their full AA characters.

you can see this same behavior previously in fury with lame crap like the grey lotus flowers, fu dog speed buff pet, pict form morphs, astrolabes, khitai blessings etc. you only stand to lose players over this crap, because a large portion of us dont want to farm pve to be competitive in pvp. when it becomes a requirement, you lose players. it happened with gem days, 1.05, shrines of bori, khitai, t5 then t6 and raidfinder, and now with kuthchemes weapons on casters giving more ridiculous stats. nothing is forcing players to use these, but as soon as one person gets an advantage, suddenly pvpers are questing in khitai for a dumb flower that gives them weapon damage on a 2 minute cooldown because they’d rather use a crutch rather than elevate their own gameplay.

if people really wanted this equality then maybe they shouldn’t be the ones to pay hundreds of dollars to have every advantage they can possibly muster? perhaps people should lead by example, instead of propagating the necessity for maxed out characters in all pvp environments. these people claim to want an even playing ground but have to be reminded to actually keep things fair, to not pop flowers in matches, to actually drop guild so that they dont have extra invulnerabilities, to actually attack their threatening guildmates and friends, to not use t6 in pug minigames.

this is all a big hypocritical self righteous circle jerking sham. you all want equality? prove it. everyone in this thread has characters that aren’t totally maxed and armed to the teeth, but don’t get touched in favor of characters that suddenly appear fully geared and AA’d. what’s stopping you from using the other characters? that would probably keep things more fun for new players.

I agree but can only dream about that happening in pratice. Can talk about courtesy here, fairplay there but only game restrictions/rulesets can solve this. Sadly cant blame people for playing the game within the frames of how the game is meant to be played even if its a bad design. Also doesnt help that pug pvp is filled with griefers, cheataccusers and haters that definitely reduces peoples likelyness to gimp themselfes for the sake of the community, i would assume people wanna stomp those peeps with full force :smiley:

Cheat accusations are funny but sometimes people have a hard time telling wether it’s cheating or latency.
You know that latency problem where you see the other like ‘‘teleporting’’ and that leads sometimes to accusations of using ‘‘comber’’ or ‘‘speedhacking’’
Sometimes i can’t make the difference out myself. Depending on timezone etc. sometimes performance is good sometimes bad. Sometimes i can hit but it doesn’t work, sometimes i can faceroll on the keyboard and hit easy. There is no ‘‘fixed’’ timezone for that, it’s player location.

I believe this game needs better support in terms of minimizing ping issues. That would eliminate the biggest problem in PvP. I believe that is more important then anything else. Which is costly of course…

Yesterday a Guild mate, with a Necromancer, already into endgame PvE entered PvP. For some reason the majority focused him the whole time. Needless to say his groups got victories very often because of it and he made a ton of kills.
But here is the funny thing: First minigame i died only 3 times as flag carrier. Usually i was being focused now they switched their attention :stuck_out_tongue: And it isn’t the first time i see this.
I see people calling themselves veterans fighting over who will one shot that Rank 2-3 player with little to no PvP gear in minigames ‘‘not giving a [email protected] about objectives’’ and then loosing the match. Usually that also ends up in alot of funny crap talking in group chats between them even if everyone does exactly the same.

It’s really funny…

only agreement you can have is everyone making new chars for that and use no aas imo
you cant disable passive aas, so vet characters cant be used

Ohh wow man, notbad , this is some nice self-reflection right there, who woudl ahev thought of… I’m impressed!11

I’m impressed by how quickly you leave the zone when there’s real pvp.

I’m also impressed by your math skills, as somehow 10v3 is the 3 players zerging.

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sure sure, you know it best, right?! :wink:

Maybe you put that “H”-word you like to use so often on your forehead, so you don’t have to pull it everytime…:wink:

Someone get the pacifier.