[Suggestion] Things that need to happen

New patch came out, and nothing i wanted to happen, happened.

I suggest, my suggestions;

Weapons/Armors/Tools/Buildings/etc, There needs to be a limit to these, having 1000s of the same weapons that are “different” is useless, pointless, and a waste of time and space. Make one type of each, and use skins to change the look of your items. I would suggest removing levels all together as they are and have been pointless since the beginning of time. but seeing you wont do that.
lvl 1 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 are the checkpoints for weapons/tools
lvl 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 60 are the check points for armors.
lvl 1 / 30 / 50 are the checkpoints for buildings

Legendary items need to have meat to them, you have 100s of legendary items that do not get used, that craftable items are stronger and better than LEGENDARY items. thats insane.
When each legendary item should have a unique quality about them. infact, they should be also exclusive skins that can not be taken/used by others.
Even if you added a Legendary skin/mod, that added an effect to your craftable item, that would be amazing. fun, unique.

Bosses/monsters, should also follow the same traits as Thag. Thag is the only fun monster to fight. Which also brings up bosses/monsters should drop recipes even if it is rare, make locations fun to farm, because you want that skin/mod or recipe from that creature.

Star metal Buildings, T4 bases, why has this not happened yet? normally i hate add a new Tier to the game as it gives an illusion to progression. but that fact that Star Metal is a RARE limited resource. would make T4 bases expensive, rare, and an area that people would flood to for combat.
The whole point of making locations important is to create PvP conflict. Supply and demand is important, in PvP as well as PvEc

Headhunting or bountyhunting, should be a time restricted mission for a minion/boss for that 1hour, then you kill said, and return with the proof, and receive the reward/coin.
It would be worth, if they gave you a legendary random skin/mod. And if you wanted to make the quest gobal it would create CONFLICT.

Siege weapons, being able to create a RAM that makes it impossible to build, would make combat/raids much more interesting.
Likewise with defensive sieges. being attacked by 2-10 other players as a solo or only one online, is not easy. Allow us to have TRAPs. or defensive Thralls/Pets that can do nothing but defense an area.
Which that being said, there should be a effect/mod/armor/weapon, that does more damage to MONSTERS. concussive damage maybe?

Ill end here for now.

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