Suggestion to reduce hacking problems

Have someone who can log into official servers and remove hackers that they see are hacking with this slow process of reporting and screenshotting. Telling your regular players to move servers and restart is not a solution and is punishing your own players for something not in their control.
You can also have volunteer mods on an official server, many servers have a few long-time passive players who could admin in times of need to remove toxic players who are trying to ruin the game.

It even is Funcoms legal responsability to ensure the integrity of their product. If they do not ban exploiters and hackers, you can refrain from the buying contract - ■■■ long as it is in EU - and get your money back - or sue them.

That sueing will initially cost you around 400€ - it will get cheaper if you have other with you having the same problem - or you use a legal insurance like i would do.

As of now they don’t react appropriately to ensure that their product is worth the money allthough they could even automate scanning for undermesh exploits via raycasts or collider bounds for example. This is a very cheap way to automatically generate heatmaps of structures under or within the mesh to then be checked out.

Same goes for the duping issues - running automated databse checks on id stamps of duplicate items.

Anyway - if they don’t react now we will leave this game in the trashcan where it currently belongs becasue of the lacking support and maintainance.

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