Suggestions for new Conan 2019

Dear developer: I am a fan of your games Age of Conan and Conan Exiles. I recently read that a new Conan game is planned for 2019 and that it will be strategy. That’s why I send you my humble suggestions.

  1. It would be fun if the new Conan uses the mechanics of construction and economy of the Conan Exiles and add mechanics of the Mount & Blade saga as for example the division between the world map and the action in real time.

  2. Following the previous line could use a Saga Total War style, there are many Total War fans who want fantasy games, Warhammer sold more than a million copies and you could use the wide world of Conan to create your game, adding the First person control for heroes such as conan or some hero created by the player.

  3. In case you want to do something similar to the Age Of Empires saga. I think the action of the game should be in an open world with the possibility of creating settlements on the world map and then controlling them in real time. There is a saga of a small team that is applying this as Medieval Kingdom Wars or Legends of Ellaria. I think that making a Conan with campaigns similar to Age Of Empires would be wasting the potential of the game. Also make a campaign with a big map of the world but in each mission we have to create our troops as happens in the SpellForce saga would lose.

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I’m also super excited for this game. Thanks for making a thread on it.

The game itself is being co-produced by Petroglyph, who has made a lot of very typical isometric RTS games in the past, while also making some breakthroughs in how RTS games are designed. I would expect something a lot like Age of Empires with a Total War mix to it. Here’s a previous game of theirs, ‘Grey Goo’:

It’s going to be a game with a very short turnaround time (starting development this year, and releasing next year) and so it will be of a limited scope.

I’d predict a few things:

  • It will be multiplayer with an emphasis on PvP (ala Starcraft)
  • You’ll get to choose from a few factions (eg. Cimmerians, Stygians ala Age of Empires)
  • You’ll move your units as warbands, rather than individual units
  • There will be some totally awesome architecture that you can build

I’m actually very stoked to see some more revealed about this game, but I figure it’ll be a long time until more is revealed. See you back in 2019 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. I just read your answer. I hope you do not make a classic age of empris, I hate to create a city or an army and have to recreate it in the next campaign mission, I hope you understand why my English is bad. The game has to be total war style, star wars empire at war or the battle for the middle earth. I hope the developers listen to us.