Suggestions List

I know these have been been made already but I would like to make a list of my own so I don’t have to make a new forum post every time.
1: Star Metal tools/weapons act like a mini torch, with a blue light
2: Star Metal tools/weapons grant heat protection because of the cold
3: Explosive jars stack (25 or so)
4: New head trophies (regular elephants and frost giants)
5: Star Metal drops (Not have to be in the Frozen Tundra for over an hour for Star Metal to drop. Have it drop at the same spots as usual but while you’re somewhere else)
6: Obsidian Raft (Have a Stone/Obsidian makeshift raft to row around in the lava, and an Obisidian stick to travel. Like using an Obsidian Spear. I say Obsidian because it seems like it could take the heat)
7: Work stations (Sort by name through all stations on Xbox One)
8: Weapon Lock (Give thralls a torch to follow you around when it’s dark and you can’t use a torch and bindings at the same time, but they unequip the torch after a fight)


6 seems impractical. Volcano isn’t really that big to be much of an issue, I just solve it with bridges. And even just stacking explosive jars to 5 would make me happy.

But yes, star metal anything should glow. I also believe that t4 building structures should be added, and they should be expensive and also cost star metal, upgrading what you already have build down that has to be t3, upgrading it to t4 would give it a star metal outline that would cause your base to let off a little glow.

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If they made bases glow, I’d be in heaven. And I wish we could replace any building type without it having to be higher tier.

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Real two weapon combat, like two swords or axes and maces, please.

8: Cleansing Brew cleanse a higher volume of corruption
9: Bulk transfer one of an item into storage

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10: New poses (For example, have one like the Kinscourge does when you first meet him. Standing menacingly with his hands on his sword. Like a guard holding their weapon. And have various thrall pose options too.)


How about adding clan names under the character name.

As long this would be optional for each player ok, one of the things I hate the most in online games its the name of the character above the head screaming “HEY IM HERE!!!”

I want it the less visible as possible.

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11: Have a miniature bar on the bottom right of your screen so you can monitor your weapon’s/tool’s durability during use on Xbox One
12: Ability to hide UI on X1
13: Pause game in single player

This would be cool, always thought 2 axes would be great. maybe with an attack off-set so you don’t do full damage with the off-hand weapon though?

14: Weapon Repair Kits to quick-repair from radial menu

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Bumping this topic

Can we get better great sword animations? The one handed flailing bothers me for the first two light attacks.

Also, can we get real battle axes? The two handed kind? You can even reuse the Warhammer animations for them, as they’re both top heavy weapons.


8 at a time adds risk/reward to what is quick slotted.
with a 25 stack, solo’s would be able to cary 2 weapons, 1 heal, 1 drink, 1 food, 25 gas orbs, and 25 TnT. spam the 8 asap, gas orb spam 8 more, gas it and T3 found is gone. talking 2 minues tops. 8 makes the person take time to load up and someone can actually defend. And if someone is giving chase, you could literally spam them as you ran in front of the enemy.

I wasn’t thinking about that.

But i do like alot of the other ideas. It it never hurts to throw it a the wall. If they made TNT jars have a quick timer, then maybe. Like it last 10 minutes. So you have to craft, and lay them down, not have them premade.

15: Ymir gear grant more cold protection
16; Turn Fiber to Vines from Armorer’s Bench

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Joel talked about possibly having players who carry explosive material be at risk of exploding when struck, to deter them from carrying that kind of stuff around with higher volume increasing the chance. Ofcourse it’s conceptual but could be a good balance decision.


Bumping this thing again

17.- Minimap for track your friends
18.- Apply cost to maintain structures, for no spam foundations.
19.- Set count limits to special items as vault
20.- Set limits to expand your builds
21.- Decay in t1 fastest than T2 then T3.
22.- Make more cheap the bricks or more greater the furnaces.

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