Suggestions: PvP Minigame map suggestions & ideas

I am starting this thread to garner pvp minigame map suggestions as recommended by Sunstar. Feel free to submit ideas along with any conceptual imagery you may have.

I will begin by offering up a ctf map based off the old unreal tournament map CTF-Facing worlds

Think enigmata of yag. two or more long walkways situated high above Hyboria separating two bases. Walkways big enough to battle on but not so big that the threat of falling to your death isn’t ever present . The object of course being able to get away with the enemy flag and not die in the process. The addition of some obstacles on the walkways to make it interesting and to break los for ranged classes so they don’t dominate the zone.

Obviously it couldn’t be exactly like the UT version but something similar would be cool and could even be competitive

And for the name I vote

Link to image

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Suggestions! I would like to see nice ‘dragon spine’ map in pvp. Sand, fallen statues, ruins, etc, etc.

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As I understand it, AOC will not be getting any new content at all. But that would be a great idea. The zone looks really good with all the ruins.