Sunken City pathfinding broken (and more)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Pathfinding broken - boss, enemy and follower / Aggressive prisoners
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

:x: The Sunken City (dungeon)

  • Opponents in caves below the water level freeze in place and stop attacking.
  • The follower no longer teleport to the underwater caves.
    • Note: The follower appeared at the last boss, he had a mobility problem and it was impossible to see his inventory or change his behavior.
  • Prisoners behave aggressively towards the player.
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I decided to check out some of the other dungeons and found a similar problems.

:x: The Scorpion Den (Sepermeru Silver Mine)

  • The opponents stop moving after a few steps.
  • Both bosses not only stopped moving, but also stopped attacking the player and his companion.

:x: The Well of Skelos

  • The follower had a problem with teleporting. If a player has strayed too far from the follower, that follower has not teleported to its owner. The follower had to be led slowly through the dungeon.
  • When exiting the dungeon, the companion did not follow the safe path to The Shattered Stairs. The follower ran straight instead of following the thin, winding road. He lost 5,000 health points while running through the lava.
    • Now he rests wrapped in bandages and drinks a lot of aloe potions. :cup_with_straw: :roll_of_toilet_paper:

I will continue to test the dungeons.

:white_check_mark: I didn’t notice any problems in these dungeons:

  • Midnight Grove
  • Warmaker’s Sanctuary
  • Wine Cellar

I guess that’s one way to force players to use the new dungeons more.

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Visiting / farming broken dungeons also has its advantages. Any weapon :fork_and_knife: and armor :dress: should be enough to kill all the bosses inside. In fact, even naked :blush: with fists :muscle: :facepunch: is enough. That means free materials, recipes and legendary items - over and over again.

It’s just not funny at all. :pensive: :zzz:


:x: Palace of the Witch Queen

  • Opponents are not moving, they don’t attack.
  • The witch does not speak, for example she should say: “Dagon will protect me”.

:question: Xalthar’s Refuge (cavern)

  • The archers standing by the main opponent in the cave didn’t attack until I got very close to them.
  • My companion refused to come near the archers (as if he was afraid :grimacing: ).

:white_check_mark: The Temple of Frost

The dungeon works fine but…

  • :x: Hidden dragon boss :cold_face: stabs the follower undermesh and loses interest in him (after a few tries I gave up :yawning_face: and left the beast alone).

:white_check_mark: The Unnamed City (location)

By the way, I checked all bosses in Unnamed City, there was only the problem with dragons just like the boss in the Temple of Frost… and something extra.

  • :x: The Red Mother (world boss) - She also stabs the follower undermesh, but not only that. She is so large that when trying to hit the player, the attacks reached far behind his back and did him no harm.

I hope they can fix these dungeon bugs within a reasonable timeframe…

Hey @fito

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Our team is aware of this issue and it’s being looked into at the moment.


You are talking about the serpentman-leader on the throne behind the forcefield?
He always died fast, for as long as I can remember. Probably from exhaustion due to summoning all those serpentmen-ghosts.

First time I met him I was quite surprised, I expected a tough fight, but he just fell from his throne. Nice idea, though :laughing:


The serpent-man boss, the denegerate should just collapse and die by. Some times though he sits on the throne sideways and after the ghost-minion fights he attacks.

Fun fact he is sometimes reachable while behind the forcefield ( sometimes he will not be where he is supposed to and too close to the force field ) so I beat him to death ( it took something like 5 full predatory light combos ) :wink:


He used to get out of his throne and fight after all his ghosts were destroyed, was a good fight even but he was broken quite awhile ago, its been reported months ago but as with most bugs these days, just put on a list and forgotten and he stays broken.

I mean really new players must love all the broken bosses, its great way to get players to talk about your game, only talking how its so buggy is not the best way to get word about your game out in my mind.


:white_check_mark: Also in these locations I did not notice any problems:

  • The Dregs (dungeon)
  • The Passage (dungeon)
  • Gallaman’s Tomb (cave)
  • Jhil’s Roost (cave)
  • Lockstone Cave (cave)
  • Weaver’s Hollow - and - Scuttler’s Shortcut (caves)
  • Hanuman’s Grotto (cave)
  • The Barrow King (cave)
  • Descent of Dagon (ruins)

However, I found some pathfinding issues in these locations:

:x: The Black Keep (dungeon)

  • The companion sometimes didn’t know where to go, so he teleported… but on a different floor in the dungeon.
  • The boss got stuck in the stairs and stopped moving (but was attacking).

:question: Skittering Cavern

  • The spider boss takes a step back before the attack. After some time it gets stuck in the cave wall.

:question: Executioners Entrance - and - King’s Niche

  • The door in front of the boss is so small that the companion couldn’t get through it (just like the skeletons).
    • It was easy to kill these skeletons with a spear / bow.

Note: I checked everything on official server after the latest patch PC Patch (17.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.3: Crafting and UI fixes


Everything in the dregs works fine for me.

I set my companion to shoot from a distance. The horse was running around. The boss threw himself on the stomach several times before he died.

@Halk please provide more details. :writing_hand: I will try to recreate your issue.

I’ve seen a few bosses lose interest and regenerate health (immortals), but if you go far enough to give him a chance to reset (or return to the spawn point), the boss will start working properly again.

I would say bosses losing aggro when you are right in front of them and regenerating is a bug…

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Interesting - seems to be a difference between server and singleplayer - I just went and did the Dregs a couple of hours ago in my singleplayer game and it was behaving fine (spitting, launching out of the acid etc). I’ve definitely experienced it ‘going dormant’ previously (every time a couple of months back), so it’s not like the error doesn’t pop up in singleplayer, just doesn’t seem to be happening now. I wonder what’s sufficiently different between server play and singleplayer?

Edit: It was only me, and no follower - I wonder if that makes a difference? Maybe it gets confused by multiple ‘equal value’ targets?

Oh wait when I did the abysmal remnant on my private server it also kept losing aggro! It wasn’t regenerating or at least not enough for me to really notice but it did keep turning it’s back to me and getting angry at the wall instead :sweat_smile:

Solo with no thralls or friends… They quit when the update dropped 💁 But not a targeting issue unless it was aggroing on a skeleton behind the wall?

Not one of my problems anymore though! I hit (or more bashed) the uninstall button earlier today :joy_cat: Gold luck though, hope it gets fixed at some point :kissing_heart:

Sunken City is also on our server bugged like described above. Followers don’t follow; enemies freeze after first hit or even don’t move at all.

I have a few updates to the topic after 26.11.2020 Testlive patch (Update 2.2):

  • :white_check_mark: I revisited the Sunken City, the bosses under the water level are pathfinding well now.
  • :x: Companions still have trouble showing up next to the player. The game itself tells us that companions cannot move in the Sunken City.
  • :grey_question: As for losing interest in the player, bosses seem more focused after the patch. I tested a few cases, even if the boss couldn’t reach me and I didn’t attack him constantly, the boss wouldn’t let go (I waited 10 minutes doing nothing at all and the boss didn’t lose interest in me).

I have not been down on Test live the new version but are the npcs in the cages still hostile to the player??

  • :x: Just checked out Testlive, in the Sunken City dungeon, the prisoners are still aggressive towards the player.