Super high ping doesnt seem to be from corona

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Region: America

I made a post yesterday about there being super high ping on all the official servers and someone said it was because of corona. I don’t however think that’s the case. A friend of mine who lives about 30 minutes away and another who lives 2 states away have this problem but another friend who lives down the street had no problems with this. Also, I experience no ping issues anywhere else and my internet is totally fine besides in this so it’s not on my end. I just don’t see how this adds up and I’d love an actual answer because it being because of corona just isnt realistic at this point

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You are aware that there is more to the internet than just your PC and the server right? That there are a number of hops in-between. Most likely one of those hops you’re hitting is having an issue. maybe your buddy down the street is getting a different path, so they aren’t on the clogged node you are.

Step 1. Learn how the internet works.
Step 2. Do some troubleshooting. Run traces, try changing DNS, ect. ect.

There are literally a thousand other things that could be causing it. Only about a hundred of them are in your home or on the servers.
I cover this in detail here.


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