Super sword bastard


this is a print of a sword that I stole from my enemies on server 4508, it is a bastard sword lies, you know how to tell me how to get this sword with this damage to life and this piercing?

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Msr Hugo? End 3 Days… let’s go.

@Hugo this sword seems to be overpowered, this might be a bug or some kind of hack/exploit?


Is your question which boss you have to kill to farm it? If this is your question then the answer is that you get it randomly from the skeleton bosses of the unnamed city. There are 4, still i have to inform you (from personal experience only) that it is a really rare drop, like the festering one, the maelstrom and the sword of crom. Good luck my friend.
Ps it is lying because it looks like 2 handed sword but it works one handed as an axe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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his question is about the extremely high stats on that sword. 124 damage / 79% armor pen. The current base stats of this sword are 51 damage / 9% armor pen.


This is a very old glitch, when weapon oils first came into the game there was a glitch to stack them with oil multiple times. The method was quickly patched but this is a very rare item. I would recommend to body vault it as it is very broken.



For whatever reasons, so broken OP items dont get fixed. There should also be Annihilators and Worldbreakers with >100% AP. If you added the %AP kit to it, it didnt had 100% and so it didnt got nerfed when the patch came.

Same with older Sword of Croms with 127 or sth like that dmg.

So as soon as an item has not the original value in the nerfed stat (dmg or AP), it will not get nerfed (also not buffed, but when did something ever get a buff).


Thank you @Narelle, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, you have to forgive my sight, it is my son’s self phone i use and i was ready to fall asleep in my couch. @Baldrick thank you for sharing this details how to cheat. It is very important for the team to know what players are doing and cheating in this game so they can fix it :+1:.

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I know where to get the bastard. but this bastard was changed with an error already corrected, but they didn’t correct the error of duplicating the items and this item has been duplicated through cheating and it is sold for real money, the ttapaceiros are based on the loin, I already denounced the cheaters for being based in limbo, I have already reported them for duplicating items, I have complained severely to the point of being threatened with banning from this forum, maybe they will delete my message, maybe they will really ban me for being here communicating about private messages, I won’t quote the moderator, but I don’t think I need to. just know that in Brazil there is a business called consumer law and we are uniting in Facebook groups to file a lawsuit against funcom, we cannot depend on intermediaries to demand corrections in the game, this forum does not seem to be really effective, we are in the moment just demanding a customer service and leave this forum for bloggers and people who like to have their complaints deleted. we may not get what we want, but we will do what we can with the tools we have, we are customers and we want the product we pay for, we like the game, that is a fact, otherwise we would not be complaining about the flaws and every update instead from working to fix cheats and limbo bases, they just put new flaws in us, thralls that disappear, trhalls that don’t fight, trhalls dying from falling off high while following you, these are just some of the new flaws after the new update.and don’t forget that the update was being tested before it was implemented for us, so no more lying around, the only lying bastard we want is the sword, we don’t need bastard and liar moderators. and if you want to delete my message, do it, because I will already make a print before they delete and I will post on Facebook groups so that everyone can see that the complaint was made.

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Funcom knows this bugs and are eager to close them.
The problem is letting broken weapons stay un-fixed/un-patched.

If they get also patched, no one can abuse such weapons. No one can sell them. There is no need to duplicate…

And lets not forget: i dont know how many people get killed by broken weapons in PvP and are then crying for nerfs…


I surely get your point here and i tottaly agree with you. Still i really miss the ability of act of violence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Even in the pvp servers i participate, i play pve​:rofl::rofl::rofl:, so i can only agree with you here. I don’t play pvp since the battles have no fair and skilled standards. I only pvp when i have to protect my base and my belongings. And at this case nobody wants to pvp with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The funniest thing is that i ask them to come back and collect their poor equipment. I never steal, but if someone is breaking my b… ls, i skin his body and leave his loot bag to decay. I know that the way i play, it would be better for me to play in RP servers, still i don’t know any good server. Looking forward to it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I will agree to your noble report
I will thank you for it
I understand your desperation and i agree with it
But please erase the lying bas… Moderator thing from your post. They are employees trying to make their living. Bosses take tve decisions not employees. Employers follow orders or fired. Please do not blame the 24/7 workers that trying to fix our problems, but the ones who pay them and listen only their pockets. I don’t believe that any of theese hardworkers deserve our wraith. They deserve our gratitude only because they work hard and sometimes get payed the basic. Please reconsider your statement and stop blaming the wrong persons. We leave in a world of bosses, the last thing we need is to blame each other :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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I am not blaming the wrong people, the moderators are guilty yes, I have proof of that, I just will not post their private messages here as they will ban me as they have already banned other users, but if you want I can send you their messages. this forum has to cease to exist, we need a sector that is directly linked to the company and that are held responsible for their actions when they do not comply with their functional performance. enough to complain and our messages are deleted, I did not come here on the forum to complain of the forum moderators, come here and complain about the company funcom for not solving our problems, but the moderators of this firum are the ones who flooded the message, they are to blame for hiding the mistakes of funcom, I doubt that funcom ordered messages about game errors being deleted from this forum, this is absurd and disrespectful to us users.

classic server crash, for the second time in less than an hour when entering the village of nordemithas, in addition to the classic crashes that always occur when entering the village, it seems to me that after this last update the nordemitha village became worse than it already was, besides crashing now also causes the server to crash, that is, one of the situations that the developers instead of fixing, just ignored our complaints and did not correct and let it get worse. Did the forum moderators report the various bug reports that occur in New Asgarth? and it is an error that occurs on all servers.

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You are free and encouraged to submit official bug reports with details in the support section. Not everyone has the same issues and it is important to get specific details reported appropriately so that they can be added to the buglist, prioritized and addressed.

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Uhum…sei…acha que não fiz? Sabe ler? Se não sabe então me diz qual a sua lingua, assim traduzir ei para você.

Well then posting here isnt doing any good.
drops from all 4 scheleton bosses in unnamed city, though it has 51 dmg.

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Yes, have.

Sabe qual é o problema desse fórum? O problema são pessoas que nem você que acham que a funcom está se importando com você e com seus problemas no jogo. Não, eles não se importam, eles se importam apenas com o seu dinheiro, se você pensa que ficar defendendo uma mega empresa vai resolver os problemas do jogo, então talvez você de voltar para a escola e parar de jogar